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Looking to elevate your driving experience with an advanced, cutting-edge Android based car stereo? Tired of your outdated factory headunit? Look no further because we’ve got exactly what you need! Transform your ride into a modern marvel by installing an Android Headunit. Level-up the experience by adding the power of Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.

You might be thinking, “Isn’t it a complicated process?” Well, we’re here to tell you that it’s easier than you imagine. With our top-of-the-line Android Headunits reviewed, you can enjoy a wide range of features that will revolutionize your driving and allow you to avoid the pot-holes of low-end dud headunits that don’t perform well and disappoint. 

Imagine having Google Maps with Free Sat-Nav, GPS, DAB+ Radio, Reversing Camera, Android Auto, OBD Diagnostics, TPMS (The Tyre Pressure Monitoring System), and so much more, all integrated seamlessly into your car stereo. It’s like having a personal assistant right at your fingertips.

Looking for a new car stereo that combines a sleek touch screen, GPS, and Bluetooth? Or perhaps your current single DIN car stereo has seen better days, and you’re yearning for an upgrade? Our Android head units are the ultimate solution! We provide valuable insights into which head units are truly worth your attention, as well as those that fall short. Plus, there are posts to guide you through the installation process, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Ever wondered if the Android Auto Car Stereo is capable of running Android apps? We have all the answers you seek. Our comprehensive website is dedicated to all things Android head units for in-car entertainment. From detailed specifications and buying advice to operating tips and upgrade options, we cover it all. Need help with passwords, head unit apps, or wiring installation guides? Look no further. Our guides are tailored to assist you in installing the latest Single DIN and Double DIN Chinese Android 11 car stereos available today.

Still relying on outdated Aux leads for your car radio? It’s time for an upgrade! Embrace the future with Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, CarPlay, and Android Auto. We offer better solutions that will take your driving experience to new heights.

Don’t settle for mediocrity when it comes to your car stereo. Visit our website now and embark on a journey towards a smarter, more enjoyable driving experience. Your dream car awaits!


Future Trends in Android Headunits

The automotive industry has been experiencing rapid technological advancements, and Android headunits are at the forefront of this...

Introduction to Custom ROMs for Android Headunits

In the ever-evolving world of car infotainment, Android headunits have become a popular choice for enhancing in-car entertainment...

What is an Android Head unit?

We are often asked 'What is an android Headunit?' and it is not surprising that people are often confused due to the different systems available

Should I get a universal double din or a custom-fit Android headunit?

Older vehicles often have a single or double din mounting and the Pumpkin of choice is often fitted to these vehicles as the best choice for a universal android headunit

The Fastest Android Headunit?

The faster the better and the PX6 based Android headunits were the fastest available. When coupled with 4Gb of RAM, you have a headunit that will respond quickly.

Spotting the future fakes

The preview of Googles full android 11 specifications shows that it won't run on devices with less than 2 GB RAM. This means that if the android headunit has less than 2 GB RAM then it can't be running a full version of android 11.

An Android head unit car launcher is often an overlooked item. The Android car launcher can make a huge difference to the way your Android head unit looks and is operated. Bringing your most used buttons to exactly where you want them or to just customise the screen with a logo. A car launcher can help you achieve this. Have a look at our selection of Android car launcher screens. There are many examples of the various changes a car launcher can make for your Android headunit.

There are many articles of advice for installing, setting up, using and maintaining an Android based car infotainment system. From Double DIN to google account best practice. Highlighting the difference between the Android auto radio and an Android Headunit. Explaining what part the RAM plays and if ROM is more important. They are all found in the Android Head Unit Advice pages

The capabilities and usefulness of an Android headunit can be greatly increased by add-ons. The additional functions usually come in the form of a USB device that plugs into a spare port on the Android head unit. Other add-ons can be connected via any number of the connectors found on the wiring and rear panels including improved reversing camera systems.

In this section, we have information about the processing power of the MCU found in the Android headunits. The faster the processor, the quicker and more responsive the Android headunit experience will be. This section gives you the tools to find the best Android headunit for your needs based on the processor fitted. Or just your curiosity about why one headunit is considered better than another.

8239 SoC processor

These pages cover the key comparisons between the processing components of the Android headunit MCU chips. The specifications can be confusing, but our processor comparisons show the differences between pairs of Android Heaunit processors. Tap the load more button to see more comparisons.

Our Android Headunit wiring guides can help you connect the wires of your universal headunit to the vehicle. These guides are also useful for connecting up any of the automotive head units that use the standard ISO connectors used on the Android car stereos. All of the basic ISO colors are covered, along with the additional Android car radio-specific wire colors. Tap the 'Load more' button for the car stereo extra wire guides.

CANBUS BOX without wires
ALPS 8227L connections guide
GND wire on android headunit

Your Android headunit will have many connectors and connections to be made. The suppliers need to explain these automotive Android stereos connections better. Our guide to the car stereo plugs and sockets can help get your Android Headunit installed and running with less fuss.

The 8227L Demo often found in the low rent Android headunits was ground breaking for its time and the legacy still lives on today in the cheapest android car stereos produced today. There is a huge following for the 8227L Demo android car stereos and we have grouped together all out 8227L and ALPS_DEMO posts here. From quadcore processor information to android 10 updates to 1Gb RAM fakes and more.

The terminology used with the automotive Android audio navigation systems can be overwhelming. There is a steep learning curve to this new technology. Our terminology guide will help you get to grips with the acronyms and terminology used when discussing an Android headunit.

An Android headunit can make a big improvement to the enjoyment of your vehicle. When things go wrong or misbehave, the fun can quickly disappear. Our Errors and Fixes topics can help you sort out many of the problems yourself without having to find a professional to do the work for you.

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Android Headunit launchers are specialized software interfaces designed to enhance the functionality and user experience of your car's infotainment system. Much like the home screen on your smartphone, these launchers provide a customized and user-friendly interface for controlling various in-car functions, such as navigation, music playback, communication, and more. They offer a seamless integration of your Android Headunit with your vehicle's dashboard, making it easier and safer to access essential features while on the road. With a diverse range of features and customization options, Android Headunit launchers are transforming the way we interact with our cars, offering a more connected and enjoyable driving experience by adding a vehicle logo.

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The requirement to use these Android headunit advanced diagnostic features is not common.

These low-level Android headunit directions help with severe Android head unit boot errors. You would not be likely to encounter these errors in the day-to-day enjoyment of your Android head unit. If your Android is stuck or misbehaving, first try the RST button. If you find that the headunit boots but is very slow compared to usual or is freezing, follow our guide for the Android Headunit running slow or freezes fix. 


How to sideload apps on an Android Headunit?

android has a level of self protection from rogue apps and any app not installed via the play store is considered a potentially rogue app (by google). android OS won't allow the installation of apps from anywhere other than play, without a little bit of work by the user. This is when you need to sideload.

Can’t load Android system

Can't load android system. Your data may be corrupt. If you continue to get this message, you may need to perform a factory data reset and erase all user data stored on this device.

Android Headunit Recovery Mode

Recovery mode is available to all android devices in the form of android Recovery. It is a very small program in its own separate partition. This partition is protected from the usual installing, uninstalling, apps and android programs. It is there are a fall back position, a last chance saloon. If android fails to boot and you don't have a recovery mode, then you are stuck with a blank screen and command prompt at best. At worst, just a blank screen. What android Recovery provides is the fall back to something useful. A menu with diagnostic options and information about the device it is running on.

Android Headunit boot into recovery mode (root)

This post is to help you boot into the android head unit into the android Recovery partition when you have a working android operating system and you are rooted. It is important to note that this procedure to boot into recovery mode relies on a working android and a rooted system. Luckily most android headunits are rooted, so this is well worth a try to get into recovery mode.

Navigating the Android Recovery menus with no Buttons

Navigation through the android Recovery menu on your android Head unit with no buttons relies on the RST button. This truly universal button now takes on the job of navigation, but how to get around the menu?

Android Recovery reset for Head Unit with no buttons.

If you have a non booting android headunit and you want to access recovery menu it can seem like an impossible task. The guides tell you to press volume buttons or tap the the power button, but what if there are no buttons?

Flashing, Rooting, and Modding

If you want to learn more about the tools needed to flash, mod or root the android headunit then we have two resources that are a gold mine of information.

CAN BUS enabled Android Headunits

There are some custom interfaces available that can convert non-can signals, like VAN or SSM to the standard CAN bus that is then compatible with your android headunit CAN BOX.

Which MTC is my Android headunit?

To flash or mod your head unit's software, you need to know if it's MTCB, MTCC, MTCD, or MTCE. Have you visited the XDA forums...