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The 8227L_Demo headunit, also known as the 8227L_ALPS or the 8227L_DEMO_ALPS usually runs a very old android version. This is because of its very poor processing power from its RockChip3188 CPU and either 1Gb RAM or even the possibly the faked 2Gb RAM. An old processor can only run well the old Android version is was targeted to run. As apps get more RAM and power hungry, including the Android system itself, an old processor from 2013 just won’t be up to the job to run the apps of today.

KitKat and beyond

These very under powered (by modern specifications) headunits are often sold as having Android 10. In fact these 8227L demos are running Android 8.1go, Android 6 Marshmallow or possibly Android 4.4 KitKat. Often faked to show a higher version than is actually installed. 


Update Android

If you own an 8227L (demo) headunit and discovered that it is not running Android 10, or Android 11 and would like to update the android version in the firmware to something more modern, then you are not going to get very far, or very fast.


Old Software for Old Hardware

The reason that your 8227L_ALPS is running an old Android is because that android version fits perfectly with the obsolete hardware. Particularly due the quad core RK3188 style processor, but also to the limited quantity of RAM.  Maybe you think your 8227L_DEMO is running android 9, it isn’t. Your 8227L had been faked by the manufacturer to misrepresent the true android version. The RAM may also be faked, which explains why your 8227L may even be running Android 8.1GO. The stripped down android 8.1Go is for sub-par phones from the old days that have weak processors and a derisory level of RAM.

The 8227L path to Android 10

If you need a later version of android for the 8227L headunit you will be better placed to replace the android headunit with a modern one. New headunits have the hardware to support the later android version you want to run.

The newer apps also need more RAM and a faster processor, with more, faster cores of processing speed than the 8228L could manage, to run quickly, smoothly and responsively.

The Android 10 patch file for 8227L

Turned out to be a very small file that changed the name of the android version. It didn’t change any files other than the name. If you need an modern android version in your headunit, buy one with a modern processor and a sufficient level of RAM for it to run well.

Adding More RAM and 8227L Processor upgrade

Although the popular 8227L Alps Demo android headunits look like they could be mini PCs, they are not. Unlike a PC with its IBM designed architecture standard roots and Intel’s drive to standardise, the android headunits are built like phones and tablets. There is no path to adding more RAM chips or swapping out the processor to make the speed improvements to the 8227L_Demo that you are looking for. 

Common misconception

There is a common misconception among may android headunit owners, particularly those the have the 8227L_ALPS boards that android needs an upgrade. It may come from finding the 8227L_DEMO very slow to use with modern apps. It may be from the advice about updating your phone to stay ahead of security problems. Sometimes the search for an android upgrade is after the 8227L_Demo headunit has developed a fault. The perceived solution to faults is a firmware update. Unfortunately an android upgrade isn’t going to fix the 8227L_DEMO problems. These are firmly rooted in the obsolete hardware running that board in the android headunit. 

Updates for Security

Security is covered by using a different google account than the one on your phone to provide a disconnect between a device that can be locked and one that can’t be locked. 




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  1. I have just purchased a Lexxson unit for my 2014 Honda Accord. I like the unit but have some concerns. Its advertised as a Android 11 unit but some of the apps that show the device info are conflicting and confusing. Some say Android 11 and some say Android 10. Maybe this is a unit you would like to dig into.

    Example: It says Android version 11 with a Version Name of Android 10. But the ID is QP1A.190711.020

  2. If it is an 8227L then it will not be android 10 or android 11.
    More like android 6 and fit for the bin as it is just a fake.


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