AC8227L Android 12 Update

Are you looking for the Android 12 Update for the AC8227L Headunits? You may be disappointed in your fruitless search, and we investigate why this may be true.


The 8227L comes in several versions, including the AC8227L and the very common ALPS 8227L (DEMO). All the 8227L are the same chip with only minor differences to make it cheaper or quicker to mass produce in the factory. No fundamental changes in speed have been introduced over the years.

Updating the 8227L powered Android headunits to run Android 10 has been covered in the ‘8227L android 10 update‘.

4 Cores

The AC8227L has the same four cores as the other 8227L chips, ancient (2014) designed cores unsuitable for running current generation apps. The processing power of AC8227L is meager and doesn’t have the speed required for today’s software. This includes Android 12, Google Maps, and any apps you use today.


The AC8227L will only have a maximum of 2 GB RAM; some even have only 1 GB. Neither is enough to run Android 12.

Android 12

Android 12 is a modern operating system, and it is targeted to run on modern hardware. This includes new phones and tablets. You would expect a modern phone to have at least 4 GB RAM, but most have 6 GB or more. This increased RAM allows for more featured and modern ram-hungry apps and operating systems.

The current hardware closely matches Android’s current version because they work well together. When you try to run a modern Android version on a very old processor and RAM configuration, it fails to run well. You may find that it is prolonged, slower than ever, or won’t even install with version 12 of Android on hardware designed for Android 8.1go.

New Android

While new versions of Android are better, they come at a cost. This cost is paid in RAM and Processor power. Each new Android needs more RAM and faster processing power to deliver these advances. You don’t get an improvement in speed by updating the Android version. What happens is that Android takes more RAM and clock cycles for itself and leaves less for the apps. You get the speed increases by buying a faster device.


8.1Go is a cut-down version of Android that runs on the minimal hardware of the AC8227L (8227L_ALPS_DEMO) devices. You will often find 8.1Go on these headunits because that is all they can handle with any speed. You can’t even run a full Android 8 without slowdowns on the 8227L variant chips. That is why they have 8.1Go installed from the factory. It is the only version that the headunits with AC8227L can run.

No Update

There is no actual update to Android 12 for the AC8227L or any of the 8227L, including 8227L_Alps, and 8227L_Demo headunits.

Any Android 12 update will be fake and not genuine Android 12. This is because the RAM and Processor in the AC8227L are just not enough to run Android 12.

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