AC8257 vs PX5

AC8257 SoC for the android headunits Vs the older, but still useful PX5 chip.


AnTuTu is a software benchmarking tool commonly used to benchmark phones and other devices to showcase their processing speed. The higher the number that Antutu produces after the benchmarking process, the faster the processor is considered to be. It is a useful rule of thumb as a guide to compare android headunit speeds.


Always try compare apples with apples. e.g. 4Gb compared to 4Gb. This is not always possible because some of the very old processor units will only work with 2Gb RAM, but these are best avoided anyway.

AC8257 AnTuTu

The AC8257 with 4Gb RAM will typically benchmark at around the 9000 mark.

PX5 AnTuTu

While the PX5 with it 4Gb RAM will typically benchmark at the 4000 mark.

AC8257 vs PX5

So in this challenge, 9000 benchmark of the AC8257 beats the 4000 benchmark of the PX5. From this you can see a useful jump in benchmark numbers that the AC8257 has over the PX5 chip. This jump in processor performance is noticeable in every day use when booting up from cold, or loading more intensive apps.


With both processors having the same usable RAM, the AC8257 is faster than the PX5, but the PX5 is still a usable android headunit. So, don’t just focus on the speed, but also look at other features you want like RGB or DSP or even your budget. But if everything else is equal, the faster SoC will always perform more quickly under heavier and newer apps than a slower chip.

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