Instructions for adding manufacturer logo to android headunit screen

Here we have grouped together the pages of instructions for adding a car manufacturers logo to the front screen of an android headunit. All the android headunits can manage this task and display a car logo of your choice an the centre of the screen after the headunit has booted up.

The instructions are generic, so no matter which car you drive, if the logo is available in the app then you can use it. We have listed links to the instructions for adding your chosen logo in this post. So pick one that matches your manufacturer or any one will do and substitute the name of the logo to match the one you want to show.

Adding the logo really sets the scene in the car. But not only a logo, some of the apps will also allow you to colour match the car interior and even to your RGB colours.


Vauxhall logo on android headunit with red steel

CarWebGuru (CWG)

VW logo on CarWebGuru Android Headunit
BMW logo on CarWebGuru Android Headunit
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