Adele on the android headunit

Adele is an English singer-songwriter, her image has been used on many android headunit screens to show that it can play music.

Adele is the future

One person liked Adele enough to use her image as album art when creating a launcher for the cheapest of the of the cheapest android headunits. The screen was to look futuristic, in a dark theme and show a music section along with a clock showing the time. A futuristic looking car on a tron style road sparks the idea of futuristic road travel. Could this be the android headunit of the future? Is ADELE coming with us on our journey though time?


Unfortunately, after actually looking into the mass of ADELE headunits it is possible to see a common theme. They are all based on very old technology and don’t match up with the futuristic sentiment shown on their screens. Adele is not moving swiftly forward with us into the future that the image portrays. The singer is stuck in the previous decade with a very cheap and nasty android headunit.


Let ADELE on the android head unit screen be a warning. Don’t be taken in by the futuristic looking graphics. Its a just for show, Adele can’t make you feel her love.


If you have already been hooked by the low price and flashy graphics and you don’t want that car, the clock or even Adele any more? You could install a new android headunit launcher from the play store or sideload if play is not available. The new launcher will replace the current screen showing and there are lots of different ones to choose from. Often free, or very low cost these android headunit car launchers mentioned can breath a new life in to a tired old looking screen.


Monday the 15th October – shown above the clock on the Adele android headunit screen was last present in 2018 – that would be Monday 15th October 2018. The one before that is 2012, Monday, 15 October 2012 to be exact. The next Monday 15th October will be in 2029. Monday 15th October 2029 precisely.

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