Android 10 head unit launcher apps

You have an Android 10 head unit and you are looking for a Launcher app for it.

What is a Launcher app?

The launcher app is the home screen, the desktop with the icons. The screen you see when the headunit has booted up. It the main interface that the driver has to use to operate the head unit. The launcher is always present, your android 10 fresh from the factory has a launcher. It is going to be a custom launcher by the manufacturer.

Android 10

Android 10 is a common sales pitch for the android headunits. The actual version of android is very unlikely to be android 10, but nearly all the aftermarket launcher apps will work on any of the androud versions and this includes the ‘Android 10’ versions.

The best Android 10 head unit launcher app

There are so many great launcher apps for android 10 head units, all android headunits. It is difficult to say with one is best. Each driver has a different take on what they think is best for them, so different launchers are liked by different people. Luckily you can download the android headunit launcher apps for free, often on a free trial or a limited functionality basis.

Free Android 10 head unit launchers

Free, free to try, free trial and unlocking of extra themes are all features of the android 10 headunit launchers available on the play store. You can test as many as you like an keep the one you like best. That is a great feature of android, the easy in and easy out of the apps. All apps, including launcher apps. Most are free, or at least free to try.

Launcher for android head units

This is our list of the most popular android 10 headunit launchers. With examples of the main screen and details about the extra features the have, it is worth taking a look. All the launcher apps listed are compatible with the android 10 head units. Easy to install with the play store app or

Our Picks

If you don’t want to audition a page of launcher apps for your android 10 head unit, we have our favourites.

  1. AGAMA Car Launcher – A clear and uncluttered screen and it has the ability to put a car logo in the centre of the screen
  2. NOVA Launcher – not strictly a car launcher, it works well on an android 10 headunit if you like the classic phone look (with widgets).
  3. VIVID launcher. Made by our friends on XDA forums this android 10 launcher is in active development by android headunit fans.
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