Android Head Unit Launcher

The Android Headunit Launcher, what is it and do I need one?


The Launcher is the home screen in android. It is the look and feel of the desktop wallpaper, the first thing you see when unlocking the device. It allows you to access apps, have a picture for the wallpaper and is a place to put widgets. Common phone launchers (e.g. Quickstep or Nova) are sometimes used on an android headunit, but there others, more suited to in car use.

Android Head Unit Launcher

The Android Headunit Launcher is a Launcher that has been designed for use on an android headunit, in a vehicle. There are large number of android launchers designed for use in a headunit configuration. Tailored to the driving experience to aid the driver, buttons tend to be bigger and vehicle logos feature heavily. Common android head unit launchers are Car Launcher Pro (and Free), AGAMA Launcher and CarWebGuru.

Do you need one?

Yes, you need a launcher, a phone or table launcher will work and can be configured to look and feel good. But an android headunit launcher, one that is designed for car use, is well worth looking into.

You do already have a launcher, it may look plain or dated, or just like a phone, but it is a launcher, just maybe not what you want.

What are my options?

Your options to getting a new android headunit launcher are quite simple, just head over to or tap the play icon and do a search for a head unit launcher to try. You can audition several different launchers on your android headunit, with ease and just uninstall the ones you don’t want to keep. Often free or at least free trial, you get to try before you buy the head unit launchers to check compatibility.

Multiple Launchers installed

Multiple launchers installed on android head unit - selection screen
Nova, Car Launcher FREE, Quickstep, AGAMA Car Launcher and CarWebGuru launchers pop up for ‘Use a different app’ android launcher notification.

It is possible to have more than one launcher installed at any one time. As you can see in the picture above Nova, Car Launcher FREE, Quickstep, AGAMA Car Launcher and CarWebGuru are all available to the android system. You can mix phone launchers and car launchers on your android headunit. The android system will show this pop up notification from the bottom of the screen when you have multiple launches installed and not one set as default.

This JUST ONCE / ALWAYS option ideal for trying different launchers and being able to choose which one you try next. There is no need to install one car launcher to trial another. But when you are happy with your selection it is best to remove the ones you don’t want but keeping the original and the new. Keeping the original will give you a fall back position. Ensure your chosen android car launcher is set as default (use as home) by tapping ‘ALWAYS’ when it is selected.

What do the android launchers look like?

You would rather look at the android headunit launchers before having to try them all on your headunit? No problem, here is a little selection of what you can see with an android headunit launcher. We have also added a phone launcher, that runs on your headunit, just so you can see how it looks.


Honda logo on CarWebGuru Android Headunit
CarWebGuru android head unit Launcher with a Honda Logo

This is CarWebGuru with the Panelix theme sporting a Honda style H logo. You can configure the CWG Panelix for other logos or no car logo.

Fiat logo on CarWebGuru Android Headunit
CarWebGuru android head unit launcher with a FIAT badge

This is another CarWebGuru headunit launcher configured in MediaBox style with a FIAT badge, you can choose your own badge or have a different option there.

AGAMA Launcher

Renault Logo on Android Headunit screen in Red steel
AGAMA android headunit car launcher in maroon with a Renault logo

This example of an android headunit car launcher screen is brought to you by AGAMA. Highly customisable this launcher can show logos from a long list of manufacturers and the colour configuration is infinitely variable to allow you to get the launcher just how you want it.

RealDash Car Launcher

Real Dash car launcher for android headunit
An example of RealDash car launcher for an android head unit

This is just a single example of the possible screens in RealDash car launcher for android headunits. If the shocking neon is not for you, still look into RealDash. It has many ODB2 integrations options than most launchers if this is what you need.

Car Launcher Pro

Car launcher in black and chrome for android
Car Launcher Pro for android headunit example screen

This black leather desktop is brought to you by Car Launcher Pro. The android car launcher has more than just black leather available, with some futuristic looking glass themes also in the configuration options in the app.

Nova Launcher

Weather widget on android headunit screen
Nova android launcher running on an android head unit

This is Nova Launcher, typically found on android phones, this launcher works very well in the landscape mode for an android head unit in car use. Advantages of Nova is that you can run it on your android phone and your android headunit and the app will take desktop widget. This one is showing the weather widget, a common android feature that is now possible in the car.

[email protected] theme

TS7 and TS10 factory installed head unit launcher theme demo.

This android launcher for headunits goes by the name ‘Theme’ and is found installed by the factory on some TS7 and TS10 android headunit. Not available on the play store, so it is not as popular as other android car launchers that are more easily available. The version installed on the TS7 and TS10 is just a fully functional limited android headunit launcher that needs an activation code to make the selections of themes shown in the video.

VIVID Car Launcher

VIVID car launcher for your android headunit
The Card layout screen for Vivid Launcher

VIVID Car Launcher is still in development but is at a stable version available on the play store here. The advantage of VIVID Car Launcher, other than it clean interface is that it is still in development. This means that new features are being introduced and thoroughly tested by the community before release. You can check in on the latest developments on VIVID Car launcher on the XDA forum. There is sometimes the opportunity to influence the new features added via a vote. But if you just want to try the latest stable version for general consumption, check out the version on playstore.

Android HeadUnit
Android HeadUnit
An android headunit enthusiast with years of experience with in car entertainment installation and design. Encouraging everyone who wants a change to try a different car launcher :)

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