Android head unit won’t switch off

The recently installed android headunit is draining the battery and won’t switch off. Even with the keys out of the ignition the android headunit won’t turn off or shut down. We have some tips that can help you get to the bottom of the problem and find a solution.

New Install

The new install of your universal fit android head unit went well. You got all the wires connected and the sound is good, even the revising camera is connected properly and it works. Google account is set up and apps are installed. Its all good until you realise the android head unit wont switch off.

You have the RED wire and YELLOW wire on the right points or you used a generic ISO adaptor to ease the installation.

Switch the RED and YELLOW

A first step can be to switch the red and yellow wires over. This can be a simple test. Some vehicles have a degree of computer control of the RED and YELLOW wires. Switching RED to YELLOW and YELLOW to RED can bypass that computer control and in some cases fix the ‘android headunit won’t switch off problem’.


With the red and yellow wires switched over and the android head unit still won’t switch off you need to do some testing to find out how to solve this problem.

Don’t do any more until you have done some of the simple checks. You wouldn’t want to damage the android headunit or, worse still, release smoke from the vehicle wiring.

RED Wire

The red wire is the accessories wire. This is the wire that is causing you the problem of the android headunit not switching off. What the RED wire on the android head unit should be connect is a supply from that car that is only live when the ignition is on or key in accessories position.

If the red wire (accessories) is connected to a permanent +12v the head unit won’t switch off. If the red wire is connected to a computer (ECU/Body Control Module) then that computer will decided when to power off the android headunit. This computer control can be on a timer for instance, after switching off the engine. Or it can be much more complicated, as in the case of shutting off the stereo power only after the key is removed from the ignition and the drivers door has been opened and closed and a two minute timer has run out. This can be difficult to track down.


Use a volt meter to test between the earth (GND) and a power source that is only live when the key is turned to ignition or accessories position. Any permanent 12v will keep the android car stereo powered up all the time or not switch off when you expect. You can try the cigarette lighter power for this, it may give you a place to connect to. If not, keep checking for a good sized cable that is not live when the key is removed, but live when the key is turned.


The yellow wire is your permanent 12v supply for keeping the memory backed up in the android head unit. A connection to the battery will provide this. If your Yellow wire is wrong you get a “android stereo won’t remember settings” problem. If yellow wire is connected correctly to a permanent 12v it won’t be affecting your android headunit from powering off.

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