Android Headunit Error Code 910

Your app install, reinstall update, or removal on the Android headunit car radio gives you Error Code 910 can be very frustrating. Code 910 means very little; other than that, there may be 909 errors before it. The unhelpful error message doesn’t help you with your Android app.

Error Code 910 Fixes

Fixing error code 910 on your Android headunit can allow you to install or upgrade an app from the play store. But until you can solve the mystery of Error 910, the enjoyment of your Android headunit is on hold.

First Steps for Error 910

The first step to take in solving Code 910 is a reset. If there is a reset button, use the paperclip to activate the reset. If there is no reset button, try disconnecting the car battery for a few minutes before reconnecting it. You should consult your vehicle handbook to identify any procedures to complete on the car after reconnecting the car battery. If neither of these is available, then identify the radio fuse but be sure both the ACC and BATT+ are disconnected to ensure a full reset is performed. This may not be possible by just pulling a fuse.

Android Headunit Tip

Some universal-fit Android headunits with a removable screen may hide the reset button behind the screen. The reset hole is in the body, usually hidden by the display. Pull the screen from its removable clips to reveal the reset.

Second Step

The first step did not solve Error 910 on your Android headunit.

The second step is to remove and reinstate your Google account. This will refresh the play store account files and could be the cure to your 910 Error. Open the settings app and find the accounts, locate your headunit Google account, and tap remove. You may be prompted for your Google account password to complete the request. Next, please set up your Google account following our guide to getting access back to the play store.

Hopefully, after one more reboot, your Android headunit has cured its Error 910, and you can install or update your app.

The third step to Error 910

Hopefully, your Android headunit car stereo Error 910 is cured by now. The third step does not come without risk. The problem with step 3, a factory reset; Factory Resetting your Android headunit (instructions), warns you that patch files may be lost. Your account will need to be set up (again), and the Android headunit may not look the same as before. Any files added after the files were baked into the headunit are now removed. This can include patch files added by the manufacturer in the ‘fixing the problems before they go to the customer’ phase. But the manufacturer may have sent you a file after contacting them about a problem, and this patch file may need to be applied again.

Problems with 910 error

Not all Android headunits will have problems with a Factory Reset but knowing which ones will or won’t isn’t possible to detect until you try. But if you have not been able to enjoy your Android headunit due to error 910, then there is not much difference between it not working properly and it not working due to the factory restore.

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