Android Headunit – Features not working.

After connecting all the wires for your new Android headunit, you may find that one of the features isn’t working. This is common with video in, video out, and 360-degree cameras, but it could also be any amplifier connections, the sub, or cables on the supplied loom.


The problem is that the same loom can be used for many different Android headunits sols by the same and different sellers. Not all of these head units will support all the features that the cables can, and it is cheaper to bundle up the same wiring for every different configuration of the headunit, from the base model to the maxed-out version.

Not working

This can mean wires that don’t do anything when you connect them. It looks like you have features not working that you expect to work.

If you have purchased the fully featured version, you could reasonably expect every wire connection to do something, but this is not always true. If you bought the cheaper option with fewer built-in features, it would be common for some cables to be nulled.

Understanding Terminology

For example, not understanding what the vendor means by ‘Video Out’ and under which circumstances the headunit will make an output for video_out can cause the customer to be disappointed and fail to meet the requirements for a return. You may have assumed a function that is just not present.

Confirmation of features

Confirming any features before purchasing with the vendor you are unsure about can avoid disappointment when it doesn’t work quite how you were expecting.


The first step in resolving the problem is to check what you put in the basket and which version you have paid for. Check your confirmation email and the purchase receipt, and see that you have been sent what you paid for.


When you know which model you purchased, check which features are standard on that version. If you bought the base model, don’t just look at the first picture that shows every feature. You need to drill down into the finer details of the listing and understand what the features mean.

Optional Extras

Factor in any optional extras you paid for, the extra features that should be included.


Now, you will be in the best position to check that what you expect to work is connected and working; if something isn’t working, maybe you have found out why. You can’t expect the vendor to ship unpurchased features.


If you are unsure that the feature you expect to be present is what you assume it is, contact the vendor before purchasing. They will be more than happy to answer your questions. You can’t assume that a cable included for a feature will mean the feature is enabled in the headunit.


Some features are enabled in the firmware, but most are extra chips on the mainboard. Having the fully populated board will often give you the most features, but a confirmation of anything unwritten is still required.


It is much easier to clarify things with the vendor before purchasing, with everything in writing, than trying to get your money back later when things are not as you assumed they would be.

Android HeadUnit
Android HeadUnit
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