Android Headunit FM radio app

The standard FM radio app commonly installed at the factory in the android headunits is quite basic and uninspiring. A replacement is often sought, hey its just an app, why not?


FM is the terrestrial analogue radio stations that doesn’t require an internet connection to work and has been around for ever. The FM signal from its land based transmitters is highly resilient.
DAB is a digital version of terrestrial radio, with land based transmitters that gives a better quality sound while using less radio spectrum to do it. Unfortunately the digital radio signal of DAB can be degraded by obstructions between the transmitter and receiver. Our DAB post is here.
Streaming radio requires an internet connection.


This post concerns only the FM radio app.
The uninteresting and dated yet functional FM app is often disliked. Maybe you uninstalled the FM app in error or you completed a factory reset and the FM radio app disappeared from your android headunit and you can’t find a replacement.

There is a solution, but, because the FM chips used in the android headunits is not standard across the industry this solution is limited to the later models of android headunit.

Nice interface

Free Trial

With a possibility that you android headunit is not compatible with the FM app, the best choice to try first is the free trial version. It could be quicker to just install the FM radio app to your android headunit, then try it, rather than checking the list below and still not knowing?


The FM radio app is limited to later versions of the android headunit that use the more modern mobile phone and similar processors.

Radio Tuner application ONLY for the following Android Car Navigation Head Units:
– head units based on MTC firmware with cpu PX3, PX5, PX6 and PX30.
– head units based on TopWay platform with chipset Allwinner T3, T8, Intel SC9853 (TS9) and UIS7862 (TS10).
– headunits with chipset UIS7862, UIS8581, sc9853i based on firmware FYT.
– head units with chipset S32F0 (better with rooted headunit).

It’s not compatible with firmwares that are not based on TopWay, MTC or S32F0!

The list above indicates which android headunit platforms are tested as compatible with the FM radio app, but you care still covered by the free trial to test you particular configuration.

Get the FM radio app

Get the free android headunit FM app on the play store here

Then test it fully, if you like it, get the paid version of FM radio app here

Features of FM radio app


Enjoy your new FM radio app

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