Android Headunit shows ‘new version available’

Should I allow the OTA update to my android head unit?

What does ‘new version available’ actually mean and why is it showing?

New version available

A new version of the software running your android headunit (called the firmware) is available from the manufacturer/vendor. This could be a version of android or some firmware for the MCU. Either way it comes from the manufacturer/vendor in the form of an OTA (Over The Air) update – via the internet, and quite probably your mobile data.

OTA from the manufacturer

This has to be a good thing, right?

Not really. While it may be perfectly compatible and whoever loaded the data in to the OTA system got it spot on and didn’t do it on a Friday afternoon after a long lunch, you have two problems.

Firstly, you don’t know what has changed in the firmware and why it was changed. This means you don’t know how it will impact your android headunit, will it improve, add or remove features?

Secondly and more importantly, you don’t have a backup of the system before the changes are made. The backup could potentially roll-back the update should it not install properly, or install and cause problems.

What could go wrong?

Anything from muted audio, failure of the backup camera function to a completely bricked (non booting) android headunit. Even files from the manufacturer can be corrupted, just incorrectly labelled or sent to the the wrong device.

What have you got to loose?

Any or all of the features of the headunit!

What have you got to gain? Who knows, there may not even be any problems you have found that they want to fix, so there is a risk and no gain. Seems like a loose loose for the user. The manufacturer/vendor will be your point of contact , good luck with that.

How I install the older version MCU and Android system files?

You can’t 🙁

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