Android Headunit Speaker Wiring Guide

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This is the guide is for the wires that are marked RL+, RL-, RR+, RR-, FL+, FL- and FR+,FR-.

The speaker wires are often found with these colours

  • GREEN and GREEN with a BLACK tracer
  • WHITE and WHITE with a BLACK tracer
  • PURPLE and PURPLE with a BLACK tracer
  • GREY and GREY with a BLACK tracer

The guide that should never have been written

The reason that you should never need this guide is because these are the speaker wire pairs. With two pairs for the front and two rear speakers. They are standardised ISO wires that should be fitted correctly and neatly into the standard ISO connectors that every universal android headunit should have.

It is never worth cutting the corner and getting yourself a universal android headunit that doesn’t include ISO connectors, but if you have, this guide is for you.

(we feel your pain of time wasted that would have been better spent enjoying your new toy).

RL+ RL-, RR+ RR-, FL+ FL- and FR+ FR- = Speakers

RL+ is Rear Left speaker positive connection, GREEN wire
RL- is Rear Left speaker negative connection, GREEN with BLACK tracer wire

RR+ is Rear Right speaker positive connection, PURPLE wire
RR- is Rear Right speaker positive connection, PURPLE with BLACK tracer wire

FL+ is Front Left speaker positive connection, WHITE wire
FL- is Front Left speaker negative connection, WHITE with BLACK tracer wire

FR+ is Front Right speaker positive connection, GREY wire
FL- is Front Right speaker negative connection, GREY with BLACK tracer wire

RL+ RL- RR+ RR- FL+ FL- FR+ FR- speaker wiring
Standard ISO speaker wire identification for Android Headunits

A custom fit android headunit will never need this guide. The custom fit androids are perfect fit complete with factory style plugs. These factory style plugs are not universal but tailored to fit the vehicle without any adaptation.

Other wiring guides for an android headunit

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