Android Headunit with a cracked screen

Smashed screen on your android headunit 🙁

That is not what you want to have but can they even be repaired? The answer to the question is, unsurprisingly, yes. But, it’s the big but that always attaches itself to a yes in these questions.


The but is, can you get the part, can you get it cheaply enough to make the repair economical and is it going to fit ok?

All good questions and it will take some detective work on your part to compare the plug/connector on the smashed screen with the ones listed.

Screen not display

The screen is the touch screen. The part you touch with your finger to tap and app or swipe a slider. The display is the colourful or black part that shows the pictures and icons.

android headunit screen parts showing digitizer, TFT display and the sensor glass
TFT is the Display, cover glass is the top layer of glass and the sensor glass is the touch screen digitizer. It is probably the top layer of glass that is smashed.

Re-use parts

There are only a handful of actual manufacturers of android headunits, these are then badged with a manufacturer name and sold on as a product of that manufacturer. The truth is a little different, but that is a bonus if you are trying to source parts for your android headunit screen. The reason is that only a few actual manufactures, will source their parts from an even smaller pool of screen manufacturers to make the finished product. With the same hardware appearing over many, many different brands, the parts needed to cover 80% of the 8227L range is not a big as you may imagine.

Getting the right part

Getting the right part is important. You will need to disassemble the digitizer from the headunit and see which side (left or right) the plug is located. Also, inspect the screen digitizer plug. Take some clear pictures to help identify the number of contacts as you may need to confirm this with the replacement screen manufacturer.

Strange requests

Please don’t be offended if the vendor asks you to record a video of you opening the new screen package as soon as it was delivered. This is common practice to help protect you. The video must show the package tracking and address clearly along with uninterrupted unboxing and product removal from its packaging. This will demonstrate the undamaged product to protect the vendor and if it was damaged in transit, this is your proof that you didn’t damage it accidentally should you need to warranty claim / damaged in transit.

The new android headunit screen digitizer

Have a look at these listings for android head unit screens that could be suitable for a range of options. Included are the 7″ screen, 9″ screen and the 10 Inch screen found in the MTK8227L, MTK8257L, MTK8259 and A2880 based android headunits. The vendor is QVKtouch Store that specialises in tablet and android headunit screen overlays – the touch digitizer that gets broken. If you have a cracked TEYES CC2 screen, also look at BOWVER E-PARTS Store for the part as they have stock for these.

Fitting a new screen to your android headunit

Android headunit digitizers all follow a similar way of attachment. It wouldn’t be possible to show videos of every combination, but this video gives you an idea of what is actually involved to replace a broken screen digitizer of an android headunit. Have a go, what have you got to loose?

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