*Android* MP5 Player

The MP5 car players are all over eBay and look like a bargain.

  • 2DIN 7″ Bluetooth MP5 player
  • The Double DIN MP5 car player
  • A single DIN MP5 Player – Android
  • The Tesla style Android MP5 screen

Be wary of MP5 Player

While the tag ‘MP5 Player’ in the listing doesn’t automatically raise a red flag, it will need further investigation to see what is actually being sold. You may be surprised or quite probably, disappointed that your bargain purchase is not going to be what you thought it was.

They are Android!

No, they are not. Even if Android is prominent in the title and appears in the listing, the word ‘android’ in this case refers to ‘Android Auto‘, the process of connecting your smart phone to a dumb screen and just mirroring the apps.

Muddy waters

Some true android headunits are also labelled with the ‘MP5 player’ tag. This is to just muddy the waters and serve confusion to the customer. Don’t get caught out and don’t disregard the true android headunit just because of the MP5 player tag, but this would not be a bad thing if you did.

They are cheap!

Very little hardware needs to go into a MP5 Player for the car. The RAM and Processor required to run android is non needed and not fitted. You get very little processing performance from the MP5 players.

They are expensive!

You can’t tell by the cost, just because it cost the same as an android headunit, it doesn’t mean the ‘android mp5 player’ is even running android.

What don’t you get with the MP5 players?

You don’t get a device capable of running android. You don’t get android, you don’t get play store, you don’t get android apps. You can’t install android and it will never run android.

What do you get with the MP5 players?

You get everything they advertise. From a remote control to a backup camera. From some wires that connect to something to a bluetooth function. It’s what is not shown that raises the red flags. No mention of the android version, even if it is a fake android version, the MP5 Players that are not android, don’t mention any android version. They say ‘android’ a lot, because that it to make a smoke screen that hides the true identification. This use of ‘android’ only refers to android-auto and not an android headunit capable of running android apps.

Is the MP5 Player any good?

If you want to run google maps or waze, maybe spotify or install a launcher on your head unit then, NO, they are not good. Not fit for the purpose. No apps and no .apk files.

If you don’t want android on your headunit then you are probably on the wrong site and you would be happy playing MP5s.

Even the tesla style one?

Tesla style MP5 player - not android
Typical Tesla Screen MP5 Player disappointment.

Yes, even the tesla one. If there is no mention of the android version, a multi core processor and the RAM, its not going to be a true android headunit 🙁

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