Android Recovery reset for Head Unit with no buttons.

Your Android headunit won’t boot into Android, and you think the solution can be found in Android Recovery. This article can help guide you to accessing the Android Headunit recovery partition, which can help solve some Android boot loop problems.

Is it still booting and rooted?

If your Android already boots and you have root privilege, there are easier ways to get your head unit into Android recovery.

No Boot, No Buttons

It can seem impossible if you have a nonbooting Android headunit and want to access the recovery menu. The guides tell you to press the volume buttons or tap the power button, but what if there are no buttons?

Luckily, one tiny and sometimes very well-hidden button on the Android headunit can be used. The name of this almost secret button on some Android headunits does not relate to its use for Android recovery. But what is the secret Android recovery route when there are no physical buttons?

RST – Reset button

For Android headunits that don’t have physical buttons, the RST button is the key to communicating your commands. This RST button is well known as a reset button, and you may have already used the button as a reset, but it can do more.

Android Recovery mode via RST button

This is where it gets very confusing. With so many different Android headunits produced over the years, the options for Android recovery via the RST button have grown. There is no one solution, and there are many potential solutions. Some aim at the older 8227L DEMO ALPS, while others target the PX5 and PX6 Android headunits.

android Headunit Tip

Persistence is key. Only one of these solutions to android recovery via RST will be relevant and you may need to go through every one to find the working one for you. Keep trying and if none work, don’t give up, keep searching.

8227L DEMO no keys reset recovery

With the headunit in the car, accessories – ignition in the off position

  1. Press and hold the RST-reset button
  2. Keep the RST button depressed and switch on the accessories – ignition key.
  3. Count 10 seconds
  4. Release the RST button
  5. Quickly press and release the RST button two times
  6. On the 3rd press, do not release the button immediately
  7. Count a further 5 seconds
  8. Release the RST button
  9. Wait for the headunit to reboot into Android Recovery mode

PX5 RK3368-based Android headunit reset recovery guide

With the PX5 Android Headunit powered on and booted up

  1. Press and hold the Reset (RST) button
  2. Wait for the RGB LEDS to flash
  3. When the lights flash quickly, release RST
  4. Quickly tap the reset button
  5. When the RGB lights go out, quickly tap the reset again
  6. The RGB LEDs will cycle, and the headunit restart in recovery

PX6 RK3366-based Android headunit reset recovery guide

With the Android, Headunit powered on and booted up

  1. Press and hold the RST button
  2. The head unit will power down
  3. The RGB LEDs will flash
  4. Release the RST button
  5. Quickly press and release the RST button several times
  6. Until the RGB lights stay steady on (may take 3 to 4 quick presses)
  7. With the RGB LEDs on the head, the unit will reboot into Android Recovery

    The touch screen will be active, so navigate with the touch, swipe, and tap.

Two-tap reset to recovery

Some Android headunits respond to two taps for recovery

  • Press the power button and keep it pressed
  • Release the power button when RGB LEDs blink
  • Quickly press and release the power button
  • Please wait for the recovery menu as it reboots

    may also work with the reset button
  • Press the RST button and keep it pressed
  • Release the RST button when RGB LEDs blink
  • Quickly press and release the RST
  • Please wait for the recovery menu as it reboots

Android HeadUnit
Android HeadUnit
I am an Android headunit enthusiast with years of experience with in-car entertainment installation, upgrade and design. Encouraging everyone who wants a change to their android headunit to try a different car launcher :)

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  1. On start up screen come on but when trying to load up it keeps foreclosing so the whole system will not load? Can anyway tell me what’s goin on I have reset the headunit already by pushing the button on the front on the radio

  2. Hi I’m hoping someone can help. I have brought a car with a head unit in. I know it’s a EKat but don’t know the model.

    It has crashed and tells me I need to reboot it but nothing I press does anything. I have tried pushing the reset button 3 times, once for 10 seconds then 2 quick presses then a third for 5 seconds.

    I always end up on the screen that says if this problem continues reboot.

    Any ideas?



  3. Hi
    My issue is that I cannot access Factory Settings
    The there is a screen for inputting the code numbers, but no way of then entering the code. There is no enter button and if you hit OK, it just takes you back to the previous screen, and away rom the code inout screen.
    Any ideas please?
    Many thanks

  4. None of these worked on mine. Mine has a reset button. No power on/off button and no physical volume buttons. I tried the reset button for 10 seconds procedure but nothing.


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