Apple radio for your car

You have heard about the android head units for your car, there is even android auto for some cars that work very well with the Motorola MA1 adaptor. This adaptor turns your compatible factory fitted in car entertainment/navigation screen into an android auto device.

But what about an Apple car radio?

It sounds like a natural thing to have for those that either choose to use an iPhone or are given one by their employer to use. How about an Apple head unit?

Could you just imagine asking Siri to change tracks on your car stereo or getting a new sat nav app from iTunes. Maybe you just like the familiarity of iOS and Apples way of doing things. Having only one account to worry about, sign into the car and the phone with the same iTunes account. There does seem to be a huge gap in the market for the apple car stereo.

Unfortunately there isn’t one.

But we will tell you why apple has not made a car head unit stereo and what the next best thing to it is.

No Apple

Of course Apple has the technology to make an iStereo, the IOS based car radio. it could be a thing, but it isn’t, why not?

Just in the same way that Google don’t make headunits, apple don’t make car stereos.

Why Android Car Stereo?

The reasons that android headunits are so popular is the android operating system is basically open source – free to be modified by anyone and everyone. You can use android for your very own project if you like, to do whatever you like. The google apps belong to google, but the android operating system is for everyone.

Why no Apple Car Stereo?

The iOS by Apple is owned by apple and a closely guarded secret. There are no legitimate versions of iOS that you can just compile yourself to run on any old hardware. The complete secrecy and lack of availability of the apple operating system means it can’t be used by anyone other than apple.

This means no Chinese mass produced Apple Car Radios for all those iPhone users. But there is a work-around to the problem.

iPhone on car display

You want your iPhone apps on your car screen, you want to see your iPhone on the big screen as you drive, you want to stream your iTunes through the car stereo, you want it all, but you want it apple.

The work around is to install a carplay compatible car stereo and upgrade it to Carplay iOS with a USB Carplay adaptor (Amazon). This will stream your iPhone, via the car play adaptor to the head unit. Just as the android owners do (that don’t won an android headunit) – use the Android Auto adaptor to stram the phone to the in car screen.

Compatible Car Stereos

Many of the modern factory fitted car stereos had the option of being carplay compatible with an adaptor. If you are looking to upgrade the in car stereo then the JVC KW-M865BW has built in WiFi for Wireless CarPlay that will mirror your apple phone to its screen, wirelessly. But all of the cheap MP5 players and the android headunits have USB connections to attach a CarPlay adaptor.

Android guy who loves his android head units as much as he loves his cherry pie.

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