Best android car stereo

The best android car stereo would be an android head unit, but which one? and what features would make that the best android car stereo?

Android Car Stereo

An android car stereo has to be a car radio that runs android operating system. It can’t be an android car stereo if it isn’t actually running android.

This would rule out all the ‘Android Auto’ car stereos. Because an Android Auto head unit does not have access to the play store or run the navigation apps natively, they can not be considered as an android car stereo.

The term ‘android car stereo’ does rule in all the Chinese android head units. These mass produced, android based car stereos, with anything from a single DIN with a 7″ screen to a double DIN with a huge 13.3″ screen.


Best android car stereo would be difficult to pin down exactly. This is because there are so many options for an android car stereo to have. The two defining groups that the android car stereos fall into are:

  • Custom fit or Universal fit
  • 7″ landscape display or up to a huge 13.3″ portrait orientation display (tesla style)

The two groups can mix. It is possible to have a custom fit, 7″ screen or a universal fit, 13.3″ display or that same display built as a custom fit android car stereo.

Best, custom fit?

Custom fit android car stereos have a fascia or bezel. They also have all the correct wiring with vehicle specific factory plugs to make the connections plug and play. There is a can bus decoder box to interface the android car stereo to the car onboard computer network. The displays fit into the dashboard to give the made to measure look.

Best, universal fit?

A universal fit android car stereo is just that. No factory specific plugs. But these may not be required for older vehicles or where the ISO adaptors are available for the car. A universal fit can sit flush with the dashboard. Usually this is in a double DIN space, whereas the larger 10″ android car stereos can protrude in a purposeful way. Their screen size is unrestricted by the limitations of the aperture available in the dashboard.

Best: custom vs universal

For the best android car stereo you would need to choose if a custom fit is better. Or would a universal fit be more suited. Obviously if a custom fit is not made for your vehicle model, then the universal android car stereo would be best.

Best stereo in android headunit

There is very little difference in the stereo components in all the android car stereos. They all have a very similar, if not identical specification and all perform in a similar underwhelming way. Some of the better android car stereos have S/PDIF output for amps or subs. This feature can offload the bulk of the amplifier work to a Japanese device. It is a work-around to the poor quality electronics rather than a solution. If you are looking for the very best quality in sounds? Then an android car stereo may not be the best choice for you.

Best android car stereo

When you have found your best format for an android car stereo, you can move on to the internal components that determine which is the best android head unit.

The android car stereos actually run android. Just like your phone or tablet, it needs the processor, RAM and ROM. Along with the parts for the car stereo and control circuits for the extras like backup camera.

Android car stereos suffer in the same way your phone does. Not the bit where you drop the phone and crack the screen, no. The bit where the android goes slow, the memory is overloaded with apps and newer apps slow it down further. The processor and RAM are not up to the modern job so you get a phone upgrade. Unfortunately the 12 to 24 month cycle of replacing your phone is not mirrored in the android car stereos. When you pick the best android car stereo, it has to continue to be the best for many years to come. The only way you can do that is to future-proof your android headunit.

Best android version

All of the higher end models, in the best android headunit scale would all have a later version of android. There is no best android version, just ones to avoid. Anything below android 9 would not pass the future proof. Don’t make the decision for the best android car stereo based on the android version. All the double digit android version are good for the android head units.

Best android car stereo is…

It needs to fit your vehicle in the format you want. But it also has to pass our android head unit future proofing criteria, to be considered the best android car stereo.

Currently for the best universal fitting single DIN android car stereo is this JOYING Android 10.0 Head Unit (6Gb). We like the large format screen and good product specifications.

The best tesla style custom fit android car stereo is the 12.1Inch Tesla Style Touch Screen For Ford Mondeo Fusion (TS7). But only if you have the correct vehicle to fit it into.

Do you think you have found the best android car stereo? Maybe you have already fitted it into your car? We would love to hear your opinions on what makes the best android car stereo. Let us know in the comments below and we will be sure to read them all.

Android guy who loves his android head units as much as he loves his cherry pie.

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