Best Android Headunit for a Passat B7?

and what is involved in fitting an android headunit?

or should the question be ‘can I fit it myself?’

The video includes a bonus feature of ‘how to fit an aftermarket reversing camera’ to the Passat B7 and an android headunit. The headunit review appears at the end of the video.

Volkswagen made the B7 Passat from 2010 to 2015. The factory headunit fitted to these models is nothing special. A custom fit android headunit is an ideal choice to upgrade the Volkswagen system with something much more useful.

The Passat B7 shares a lot of the common features and parts found on VW and Seat models from similar years. This Passat B7 android headunit head unit will fit other VW/Seat/Skoda models with the addition of a fascia or wiring adaptor.

Android Headunit Tip

There are some exclusions that this android headunit is not compatible with. The Incompatible cars are models fitted with either the <strong>Dynaudio Sound System</strong> or a <strong>Fender Sound System</strong>.

The android headunit chosen for the project in the video is this Xtrons PX6 custom fit android headunit. It was selected not only for being a prefect fit fr a Passat B7, but also for its very high specifications that make using it so pleasing.

The perfect fit can be seen in the video. As good as the factory radio fit and a world away from the universal fit android headunits with their fascias.

Fast is Good

Having a PX6 processor makes this android headunit one of the fastest currently available. There are no faster processors in an android headunit. This feature is a big plus point for this model. Slow processors make the experience slow and frustrating to use, this Xtrons is nothing like that! 4Gb of RAM is installed which is also at the top-end of specifications for android headunits. This RAM allows it to quickly to switch between apps like sat-nav and the music player. This android headunit also features 64Gb ROM which is nice to have and fits with the top specifications currently available.

We know the Xtrons is fast and it is nice to use.

We also know that it will fit the B7 Passat perfectly. But, how do you fit an android headunit? and can you fit one yourself?

This custom fit Xtrons comes complete with the factory style connectors that interface perfectly with the Passat B7. Making this a ‘plug-and-play’ operation. Included in the box is a CAN bus adaptor. The steering wheel controls will continue to function by installing the plug-and-play CAN bus adaptor.

Have a look at the video below of this Xtrons android headunit. It was the work of Steve Pond and he has kindly allowed us to share his video to demonstrate some of the issues of a Passat android headunit home install.


The video covers the point after removing the factory fitted radio from the Passat. From unboxing to booting the video shows some key steps of what is involved with the installation to a Passat B7. Included in the video is a bonus feature showing the installation of an an aftermarket reversing camera on the Passat. At the end of the video is a demo of the Xtrons booting up quickly, very quickly.

Watch to the end for the B7 Passat android headunit review of this Xtrons PQ90MTVL
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Yes, you can fit this Xtrons PQ90MTVL to your B7 Passat!

and with all probability you will be highly successful.

There is support from Xtrons on their facebook page to ease the install and this is a very good reason to buy this model for your Passat B7. You can be enjoying the upgraded features of a top-end android headunit, fitted yourself. The world of apps awaits, check out our ‘must have’ list of apps for a brand new android headunit.

[review_summary title=”Quick Review summary” summary=”Best Android Headunit for a B7 Passat” positives=”high quality,
respected Xtrons brand
PX6 Processor
factory fit look
factory style easy install connectors
CAN adaptor included
has Fast Boot
has RGB
Factory Steering Wheels Controls connect” negatives=”Not compatible with Dynaudio Sound System or the models fitted with a Fender Sound System .”] [rating title=”Speed” value=”5″ range=”5″] [rating title=”Value for money” value=”4″ range=”5″] [rating title=”Ease of use” value=”5″ range=”5″] [rating title=”Ease of install” value=”5″ range=”5″] [/review_summary]

Buy the Passat Xtrons on Amazon

Xtrons for Passat B7. 1024x600 and RGB
Xtrons for Passat B7 is 1024x600 and supports RGB

Android HeadUnit
Android HeadUnit
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