Best Android Headunit for the RAV4 2014

Are you looking to replace the Toyota stereo in your RAV4 made between 2013 and 2018?

Then we have a chosen our best headunit for those RAV4 models made on the years 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 and 2018.

Why upgrade the factory stereo in a RAV4?

An android headunit has a large screen, ideal for the latest free satnav maps and automatic reversing camera. It is also an easy way to DAB+ radio or streaming music over spotify on the headunit itself. Android gives you access to thousands of apps on the playstore for your RAV4.

What is better?

Better is faster, a slow android headunit is frustration city and needs to be avoided. Our article will help point you in the right direction for a fast and enjoyable android headunit for the RAV4.

Fast comes from having the latest PX6 or at least the previous PX5 processor and a minimum of 4Gb of RAM will ensure the apps are well behaved. The android headunit for the 2013 – 2018 RAV4 reviewed here has the latest PX6 processor and 4GB of RAM.

Custom Fit

A custom fit is a must for the RAV4 which makes the android headunit a factory looking install without the need for fascias. But you also get the factory style connectors to make the installation plug and play. Factory fitted steering wheel controls interface directly with the custom fit.

Great Sound

The DSP option included ensure the sound from the android headunit can be adjusted to exactly how you like it. Often overlooked by some, we have included the DSP option in our recommended RAV4 stereo upgrade.


Still a popular choice for music is CD. The CD/DVD drive is included and is discretely fitted above the screen should you need to use it.


RGB is another often overlooked feature that really helps to make your RAV4 android headunit fit perfectly at home in the Toyota dashboard.

Our Recommendation

Having all the features that make this android headunit an ideal replacement for the Toyota stereo in a RAV4 2014 is our choice this Dicola Px6 4Gb for Rav4 android headunit. We have given it 4 out of 5 stars, but if a CD player is on your must have list it will 4.5 stars.

[review_summary title=”Quick Review summary for RAV4 Android Headunit” summary=”A great choice for models from 2013 to 2018 ” positives=”Custom fit looks great
Factory connectors for an easy install
has DSP for better sound
has RGB for better look
Steering wheel control integration
the fastest PX6 processor option
capable PX5 budget option available” negatives=”CD/DVD drive is not used by many, but useful for some
CAN bus box not included”]
[rating title=”Speed” value=”5″ range=”5″]
[rating title=”Value for money” value=”5″ range=”5″]
[rating title=”Quality of construction” value=”4″ range=”5″]
[rating title=”Ease of install” value=”4″ range=”5″]

Get our Recomendation on AliExpress

If your Toyota RAV4 is the one before 2013, then have a look at our recommendation for an android headunit for RAV4s from 2006 to 2012.

Android HeadUnit
Android HeadUnit
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