Best Android reversing camera for VW?

Which is the best reversing camera for VW Golf, Passat, EOS, Beetle, T-ROC, and all the other models with a flip VW logo on the trunk?
That would be the secret hidden backup camera integrated into the flip VW logo. It complements your Android headunit perfectly, but some versions fit the VW factory install headunit.

Motor magic

With the new VW emblem camera fitted, the VW logo automatically adjusts its position to expose the hidden camera when the reverse gear is selected. The reverse image is shown on the Android headunit screen, and when the car is taken out of reverse, the backup camera returns to hidden mode.

Many Models

Many VW models have some flip VW logo on the boot lid, and most can be upgraded to a reversing camera. But it pays to check the listing to ensure you purchase the correct model for your vehicle.

I want one!

You can find the hidden VW flip-style reversing cameras here on Aliexpress. These get great reviews and make a big difference to your Android headunit and the look of your VW.

There are many options available to fit the headunit you have and the vehicle it is destined for, be sure to click the correct one because they come with different plugs and adaptors. If you are unsure which you need, message the seller; they are happy to help. Remember that VW reuses the same part across many of their cars, so if you have a flip-style VW logo boot release, there will probably be an Android reversing camera on Aliexpress.

Best reversing camera for android Headunits fitted to a VW with flip logo
Best reversing camera for Android Headunits fitted to a VW with a flip logo.
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