Best apps for android head unit

Best android music player
Best android music player

Picking the best apps to install on to your android head unit can be difficult to decide. We have listed our suggestions for the best apps for android headunits for you here.

Best Apps List

We will guide you on some suggestions on finding the best apps for the android head units. Obviously everyone will have their favourites and we would love to know your suggestions for the list. Please add your ideas for the best apps for android headunits to the comments box at the bottom of the page.

1. SatNav

Best app for an android headunit. In number one position. For the the biggest reason for buying an android head unit has to be the Sat-Nav GPS feature. The apps that turn the android GPS into a SatNav are many. With numerous navigation apps to choose from, everyone has their favourite satnav app. Here are our three best satnav apps for an android headunit.

2. Streaming

Streaming appears in the number 2 position for the best apps on an android headunit. We realise this can be a controversial placement for best. If data is cheaply available then streaming use generally rises. If you are lucky enough to have cheap and available data, you can put it to good use by streaming the songs you want to hear on your android headunit. Here are our best song streaming apps for your android headunit.

3. Offline Play

Playing your MP3 files from a USB memory stick in Offline Play mode is number 3 position in the best apps for android head unit. Ideal if the streaming option is not so good due to the data restrictions. Your android headunit can play your music from a USB or TF/micro SD card. For this you need a player and the stock player may not be the best app. The three apps listed below are out best music player apps for an android headunit.

4. Launchers

The car launchers are our number 4 position in the best apps for android headunits list.
A car launcher or android car theme will change the look and feel of your android headunit home screen. You can often customise the colour scheme or even the complete layout, adding or removing widgets or changing icons. If you want to change the scenery, an android car launcher is the best app to do that. We have listed three of our favourite launchers below in the best apps for customisation of your android headunit.

5. OBD

Number 5 place in our best android headunit apps is the On Board Diagnostics tool. This is great if you want to measure the engine parameters as you drive. OBD devices connect to the OBD port of your car and relay information to the android headunit OBD app. Here our three favourite apps for android head unit OBD data.

Best Apps

We hope you like our best apps for android head unit list and it proves useful to help you find the apps you need . Please share your suggestions for best apps for android headunits in the comments box below and we will update the topic as the best android head unit app suggestions are made.

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  1. Well the best launcher is missing in this list: Fcc Car Launcher. Nova Launcher is no specific car launcher, so this should not pop up here.


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