Best SIM card for an Android Headunit?

SIM Cards

The SIM card is the key to the cellular network. Without a SIM card your android headunit will not be able to connect to mobile data over the cellular network. If you hotspot your phone, this will have a SIM card. If you have an android headunit with SIM adaptor, you will need a SIM card for it. Maybe you have a mifi type device, you guessed it, that will need a SIM card too. But which is the best SIM card for your Android Headunit?

Calls and SMS

Calls will not be any part used if you put the SIM card in the android headunit or MiFi but if you are only interested in hotspotting your phone, then calls and texts will be an important factor for you. Your android headunit will not make any voice calls or send any SMS.


Data, data, data. Its is all about the data. Your android headunit eats data. The more youtube videos you play, the more you stream the more facebook you consume, the more data is used. Typically you ill use 1Gb data from your SIM card package for every hour of video you stream on your android headunit. Google maps uses about 3Mb data for 5 minutes of driving. Scrolling through facebook typically uses around 1.5Mb a minute. Streaming spotify in your car will use around 40Mb every hour.

You won’t be streaming movies as you drive or update your facebook status, but streaming spotify is very popular and much a more socially acceptable thing to do while driving.


If you plan to do a lot of driving and a lot of streaming or planning to park up and watch youtube videos you will need lots of data. Obviously an unlimited data package would be ideal. but unlimited is often not actually an accurate description of the package. True unlimited packages for date are often prohibitively expensive, but do you really need unlimited data? Quite probably not, while is is always better to have more than you need, there is no point paying for 200Gb of data a month and only using 2Gb. While unlimited sounds easy, it may help you more to think about how much driving, streaming and video watching you will do.

The best SIM for an Android Headunit

The best SIM car for an android headunit would be on that is light on calls and SMS, no calls and no SMS would be ideal. There is no point paying for calls when your android headunit can’t make calls. Data is the king and picking a plan that is matched to your expected data usage would be ideal. The first few months could be your learning curve, so a month to month package would allow you greater flexibility in upping your data package or even dropping it and paying the lower monthly fee.

We like SMARTY SIM for an android headunit. You can pay month to month with the option to cancel anytime giving you the flexibility to increase or decrease or even stop your package as your life changes. SMARTY has no minimum contract, no credit checks and no surprises at the end of the month. All of which would be ideal as a second SIM for your android headunit. Order your FREE SMARTY SIM card here.

Hotspot your daily phone

Hotspotting your daily phone is an option to give your android headunit the data it craves. This only requires one SIM, the one in your phone and lots of data, along with high quality calls and SMS capabilities for text messages. This is your daily phone, you know your calls and SMS usage, you know your data usage. You may need to contact your contract provider to increase your data package but if you are lucky enough to be out of contract, it may be time to change your SIM. You can change your SIM and keep the number (in the UK via the porting rule) and in the US it is the FCC’s “local number portability” LNP rules.

For a UK daily phone SIM card that will pair data to an android headunit (tethering is the technical term) the SIM card we recommend is giffgaff. You get access to the quality O2 network with a month to month, contract free access to data, calls and text – SMS. Order your FREE giffgaff SIM here to start enjoying flexible calls, texts and data.

SIM card Form Factors

SIM card form factors are the different sizes that SIM cards come in. As technology moved forward the size decreased. Most SIM cards are now multi format, they cover the currently used different sized SIM cards in a single package. This is one less thing to worry about when choosing the best SIM card for your android headunit.

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