Better quality backup camera image

The standard in reversing cameras is not of the best quality.

Improved image

More advanced Android Headunits are able to connect to the latest backup cameras that offer a much better picture quality. You need the better camera and the newer android headunit with the advanced feature to take advantage of the better image.

CVBS Reversing Camera

The standard and widely used backing up cameras use the old CVBS standard. This standard delivers 480i signal information over the cable. This CVBS system has been in use for basic analogue camera signals for many years and was an ideal choice for the early android headunits. The cameras are cheap and in abundance and highly compatible between manufacturers. Unfortunately the image is not up to modern expectations and looks very early youtube. The screens are improving all the time, but the camera is still stuck in 480i.

A giant leap for mankind

The AHD standard has made a huge step forward in analogue camera design. The better camera design has a much clearer 720p capture. This is a great improvement in resolution. While the resolution is not the be all and end all of the camera image, having 720p over 480i is a huge step to a better quality image. AHD cameras match more closely the higher resolution screens of the newer android headunits.

Better quality image

The backing up camera is not something you watch. Its not a youtube video. We know that a better image isn’t going to make the reversing any safer. It just looks better on that android head unit display.


To get a fully working AHD backup camera system you need two components. Firstly you need the enhanced AHD camera. Not much more money than the early model CVBS camera the AHD 480p (also called 1080p but don’t believe it) cameras are well worth the extra coin for the upgrade.

The second part of the puzzle to a better quality image on the reversing camera is an AHD compatible android headunit. The internal electronic interface needs to have AHD compatibility. This feature will be listed in the sales pitch. If AHD=YES doesn’t appear, you ban be sure that it doesn’t have the AHD feature.

Setting in the menu

If you have an AHD camera connected, choose AHD === YES in the menu to make it compatible.

android headunit setting for better quality backup camera images
Find the Factory menu and ensure AHD is ON. If you need the passcode for factory settings, see our list (here)

Dual Camera

Some backup camera are dual CVBS/AHD. Both standards use the same cable and connectors, so the selection is often made by cutting a looped cable. Open/Short in the loop can switch between AHD and CVBS. The settings from the loop need to match the setting in the menu (above). Hopefully AHD camera and AHD set in the android headunit will give you that 720p image (often called 1080, just to confuse). But whatever it is called, now you have a better quality backup image.

The same but different

The connectors, wires and mountings are all the same for the AHD camera upgrade. Wiring the camera follows the same diagram. You can find the reversing camera wiring guide for android head units here.

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