Black Friday Deal on Android Head Unit?

The Black Friday deals on electronics can bring some big discounts and this includes the android headunits. You can find the 7″ Double Din Android Head Units in the Black Friday Shopping Deals.

Good deal

You can find some cracking deals on the Black Friday sales. There are also things that look too good to be true. Unfortunately it can still be difficult to know what is a good value android head unit that will last you for years.

There are too many traps to fall into if you are looking for your first android headunit, for yourself or as a gift.

Universal Fit 7″

The universal fit, 7″ display android headunit is exactly that. The 7″ display is a double DIN body and is designed to universally fit any double DIN stereo cars. This ‘Double DIN’ configuration applies to most of the earlier models that don’t already have a touch screen fitted. See our ‘what is a double DIN‘ topic for more information on the double DIN, universal fitting android headunits.

No CAN BUS box, not vehicle specific, universally fitting with a 7″ screen.

Good Support

Having a good support for your purchase makes the whole buying process less daunting. This requirement should still apply to the Black Friday sales period. You need a good level of support along with the discounted price. How do you get this?

Our Black Friday Deal Suggestion

Our Black Friday deal suggestion for the Double DIN, 7″ android headunit is the ATOTO A6 PF on Amazon. The A6 PF is currently marked down in price in the run-up and it will be sure to have deep discounts on Black Friday.

With our suggestion you get the great Amazon customer support for the logistics of delivery and ordering. You also get the great ATOTO support that can help you get over the installation hiccups. ATOTO have a member supported facebook group that has ATOTO employees helping out for owners of their branded head units.

Discounted price. Check the current price on the Amazon site for the best Black Friday deal. There is only a limited number of the ATOTO A6 PF available for the lower price.


The ATOTO brand is well respected in the android headunit world. Based in China, they are a true Chinese Android Head unit manufacturer. With many years of experience the founders have built up a great fan base of happy customers and many positive reviews of their products.


The A6 PF has the features you want from an adroit head unit, including:

  • Wireless Apple CarPlay
  • Android Auto (wired)
  • Mirrorlink
  • 7 inch Touch Screen in-Dash GPS Navigation
  • Dual Bluetooth
  • WiFi/BT/USB Tethering
  • OctaCore

If you are looking for a great deal in the Black Friday shopping season for an android head unit, have a look at the ATOTO A6 PF on Amazon.

Black Friday Deals on Android Head Units
Android HeadUnit
Android HeadUnit
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