BOSS Audio BV800ACP Android?

The Boss Audio BC800ACP is well advertised on the internet and android auto along with apple car play are mentioned in the advertising. But is it an android head unit?

Android Auto

The BV800ACP can connect to your phone and mirror the phone screen. This is android auto, a very poor headunit can be upgraded using the power of your phone to run apps instead of the car unit.

Double DIN

The BV800ACP is a double DIN mounting head unit.

Apple car play

Apple car play is the apple version of android auto, a way to use your expensive phone to run the apps and mirror the screen to a substandard or dumb incar infotainment screen.

Is BV800ACP Android?

No, the BV800ACP headunit does not run android. You can’t run android apps on the BOSS BV800ACP headunit, it can’t access the playstore app and you can’t install waze, google maps or a car launcher to it. When it come to android apps the BV800AVP is useless.

Many people are confused, don’t be one of them. The BV800ACP is not an android headunit.

Why buy a BV800ACP?

Don’t buy a BV800ACP if you want to install apps to it. It is not built for apps. The job of the BV800ACP is to mirror your phone screen and play music. If you don’t want an android headunit, the BV800ACP would be a consideration. If you want apps like google maps and you want to run these apps on your headunit, avoid the Boss BV800 models.

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