Car Front Cameras

Front facing cameras for you car can come in several different formats.

Android Headunits

Some android headunits have an input for a front facing camera, often on a USB connection. These car front cameras are used to recorded the road ahead of the journey. The footage is stored in memory for subsequent playback should the footage be needed, say in the event of a collision.

The use of the front camera in this instance can be called car front camera DVR – Digital Video Recorder. The DVR footage can be given to insurance companies or law enforcement to show what actually happened rather than what was remembered of the event. Some insurance companies even give a discount if you have a front camera DVR function available so be sure to let them know on your next renewal.

Front Car Camera with more

A front facing camera can also be help for parking, just in the same way the the rear facing camera can show more than the driver can see. Combining the rear facing camera to the front facing camera with a left and right camera in the mirrors are the beginning of a 360 camera system. Just add a 360 processor box or with the latest, most powerful android head units available now, these cameras connect directly to the head unit. You get a front car camera, backing up camera with a left and right to make a full 360 birds-eye.

Non Android options

If you are not ready for an android headunit but would still like to record the view from the car front camera, then just a simple dash camera DVR would suffice. These small front facing cameras can attach to the windscreen or behind the drivers mirror and record the automatically recorded footage to a tiny memory card fitted inside. A clever feature of these ‘dash cams’ is that the oldest footage is overwritten by the latest video, so the memory car is never too full to record any more.

Some more advanced models of front camera dash cam go one step further and fit over the drivers mirror to allow for an enhanced dual purpose mirror/display function. These car front camera mirrors are available here and can include features such as GPS (for logging location into the video) and WiFi to make it easy to download the footage from the camera.


See also our post on the easy way to carplay and android auto. It includes details of a car front facing camera with a clear 10.26″ screen.

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