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Your Android Headunit came with a launcher from the factory in China. Maybe you never noticed or didn’t care until you wanted a change of scenery. Possibly you needed some extra functionality and started digging. This is when you discover that the launcher is the home screen, wallpaper and buttons that you see on the android headunit screen. This allows you to see the speed, current track, change volume, select tracks, start the GPS mapping or any app you have on your headunit.

Android Headunit Tip

It is easy to revert to factory launcher or have several android headunit launchers installed at the same. Switch between them to find the one that suits you best.


Free Trial

Car Launcher is available as a free trial, fully functional but with limited options at the play store. The cost to upgrade to PRO with all it’s features unlocked, cost just £2.99.

Car Launcher Pro allows you to totally transform the desktop of your android headunit. There are several inbuilt schemes that allow you to install and drive off. But if you wanted to customise any of the pre-installed home screens you have lots of options to do just that.


Download more themes

When you have exhausted the included launcher themes, it is possible to download more from the play store from within the Car Launcher Pro app. But one of the biggest omissions seems to be one of the most requested feature, that being a manufacturers logo displayed prominently on the launcher screen. There are no pre-loaded car symbols in Car Launcher Pro but there is an option to load one from your phone gallery. You would need to source your desired logo and Car Launcher Pro can access it. This is helpful for custom logos as any picture can be installed as a car logo.

Car Launcher Pro for Android Headunit Red Smoke

Car Launcher Pro for Android Headunit Blue Reflections

Car Launcher Pro for Android Headunit Blue Steel with Green

Tasker integration

The Car Launcher Pro for Android Headunits has some Tasker (opens in play store) integration and other powerful options hidden under it’s glossy desktop. Dig deep if you need more features, you may just find them. Our images below tries to show off more of the eye candy options available to Car Launcher Pro.

Car Launcher Pro for Android Headunit Black and Chrome

Car Launcher Pro for Android Headunit Green Steel All Icons

Car Launcher Pro for Android Headunit Red Glass

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An android headunit enthusiast with years of experience with in car entertainment installation and design. Encouraging everyone who wants a change to try a different car launcher :)

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