Car Radio with GPS?

The must-have feature in most cars today can be built-in

GPS and Sat-Nav have become an essential features for a new car. But these necessities can also be retrofitted to virtually any vehicle. If it is time to replace your existing car radio with one with GPS Sat-Nav, then an Android headunit can do this (and so much more).

An Android headunit is an ideal upgrade for a failed or outdated car radio if GPS mapping with satellite navigation is what you need.

Free Maps

Google Maps is a free app that runs on an Android headunit. There are also many excellent paid options; you don’t have to stick with just one. The flexibility of Android means you can have more than one GPS Sat-Nav app on your Android stereo at any one time and switch between them. It is an ideal way to audition apps until you find the ones for keeps.

Google Maps gives voice instructions and will work without an internet connection, but you lose the real-time traffic updates, so adding a data option (mobile phone link) can help there,

Not just maps

You don’t just get maps in an Android car radio with GPS; you get the apps in the play store. So you can get the extra apps you need to make the daily drive more enjoyable. Spotify and Amazon Music are two such options. But DAB+ is well-liked. A reversing camera (often included in the box) is an unexpected bonus to view the blind spot at the rear when reversing.

Look at our reviews of Car Radios with GPS – all Android headunits – to avoid the pitfalls of buying this tech and choose the right one for you (and your car).

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