Car touch screen add-on with CarPlay

A Universal 7″ touch screen with Apple CarPlay that is easily removed and installed without any changes to the existing car stereo or the car wiring. Sounds tempting? Read on…


This screen is universal as it does not alter the existing car wiring or stereo. The universal suction screen mount makes attaching and detaching the touch screen quick and easy. It is ideal for moving from vehicle to vehicle or for removing and out of sight when unused.

Touch Screen

The 7″ IPS LCD screen is ideal for a better view of the Sat-Nav Maps program as it can be positioned for a better view of the driver while not obstructing the view of the road. Adjustable tilt and twist allow for a great range of movement to get the view just right. It’s a touch screen, which makes it ideal for CarPlay.


This 7″ in-car touch screen is Apple iPhone CarPlay compatible. This means you can wirelessly connect the phone to the screen and tap the screen as if it were the phone. The apps will respond and display Apple Maps or any of the phone’s apps on its screen. The CarPlay software will reorganize the phone display to use better the large landscape display of the Universal Touch Screen. Everything on your phone suddenly becomes easier and safer to use as you drive.

Android Auto

android auto screen sharing is also included in the universal car touch screen, giving the same benefits as the Apple CarPlay for iOS devices. Android apps will appear as if they are on the 7″ touch screen but live on the phone. Google Maps, Waze, and Spotify all work in Android auto mode and better use the larger screen. Android Auto is limited to the wired version only.


The Bluetooth feature will give you Bluetooth call capability.

FM Transmitter

The low-power FM transmitter will send the music to your existing car stereo. This will be like upgrading your factory car stereo to a 7″ touchscreen Apple Car Play radio. Tune your car stereo to an unused FM frequency and then set the 7″ screen FM transmitter to the same frequency. Now, all the 7″ universal touchscreen sound will play through your car stereo. No need to add wires, cut cables, or buy adaptors. It’s all wireless and easy to use.

Backup Camera

A backup camera is included as an optional extra; be sure to choose the correct configuration at the store package selection. The camera requires a cable install, which may make the car’s 7″ touch screen less portable but more helpful.


The power is supplied by the power socket adaptor, which plugs in and is easily unplugged for removal. It uses the standard 12-volt system but is also compatible with 24v supplies. It is a low-power device that helps preserve the car battery and has a quick boot-up time.

Aux Cable

The touch screen is aux cable compatible, which is ideal if your car stereo also has an aux input. Making the aux connection will synchronize the sound, so you won’t need to use the FM transmitter function.

Wear Sunglasses?

Adjusting the VCOM parameters in the touch screen can alleviate the blur when wearing sunglasses and viewing the car’s touch screen display.


Budget-friendly CarPlay touch screen that needs no changes to the original car stereo.

The large 7″ screen makes viewing Apple Maps and Google Maps or Waze easier. The display can be fitted anywhere on the windscreen or dashboard for the driver to see (without affecting the view of the road).

You can upgrade your car stereo to a touchscreen stereo with little cost and inconvenience. Removing your car stereo to fit this 7″ touchscreen stereo upgrade is unnecessary.

Quick to boot and low power

It needs a phone to mirror. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are supported with wired and wireless options.

A backup camera is not quite as well integrated as the Android headunits, but it is a good compromise considering its budget-friendly cost.

We give this Universal Touch Screen 4 out of 5 stars for its features and budget-friendly cost.
A wireless backup camera with a reverse gear detection option would help with the extra star.

This universal car touchscreen upgrade is available with CarPlay and Android Auto on Ali Express. The Ali service is hosted in China, but there may be more local warehouses that dispatch the products closer to the customer. Closer usually means quicker, but buying directly from the country of manufacture can reduce your costs considerably.

Android guy who loves his android head units as much as he loves his cherry pie.

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A Universal 7" touch screen with Apple CarPlay that is easily removed and installed without any changes to the existing car stereo or the car wiring. Sounds tempting? Read on... Universal This screen is universal as it does not alter the existing car wiring or stereo....Car touch screen add-on with CarPlay