Cheap android car stereo

Are you looking for a cheap android car stereo?

We have some advice for you regarding the cheap android car stereos and advice to help you decide if a cheap android head unit is what you really want.


Cheap is relative. A cost compared to other items for sale. For a cheap android car stereo we will suggest that cheap means less than $100. You can find lots of these cheap android car stereos, in the sub $100 level here on eBay. But will the meet your expectations and are they good value for money.


Android is the operating system that runs on all the android headunits, including the cheapest. It wouldn’t be an android headunit if it did’t run android apps. There is a lot of misdirection in the sub $100 – cheap android car radio bracket. If the stereo does not run android, it is not an android head unit. If it is an android auto car stereo or a MP5 player car stereo or WINCE car radio, then they are not running android.

Be wary of the cheap android head unit listings that try to confuse and misdirect. Look for an android version listed in the sales page. It may be a fake version, but an android version must be listed to be classed as an android headunit.


A cheap android car radio will be slow. That is to be expected. To make the cheapest android car stereo, or any of the cheapest of anything the lowest cost parts are used. For a cheap android car stereo, the parts that make a big impact on cost is the processor and the RAM chips. Less RAM chips, older generation RAM can reduce costs. Cheaper and less complicated processors can reduce the parts cost considerably. But what you end up with is a very cheap android car stereo that doesn’t perform to modern expectations of an android system.


The technology behind the cheap android car stereo is from the year 2014. The processor design was ground breaking in its day, but technology and expectations has moved forward. Think about your phone, would you be happy with a phone from 2014? It is the same analogy. The technology is out dated and this has other limitations that we set out below.

Android Version

The android version that the old technology can run on is Android 4 and Android 6 with features missing. When later versions of android are installed features have to be removed for it to run. The processor and amount of RAM installed is not able to support and run the later versions of android.


Fakery can come in several guises. One Fakery is employed to trick the system into showing a later version of android than it actually is running. This is a great sales pitch, a cheap android 10 car stereo looks more appealing than a cheap android 4.4.4 car stereo. But only one will be correct and honest. The other will just be a fake.

The other Fakery employed to sell the cheap android car stereos is to mislead the system into showing an incorrect level of RAM. The cheapest RAM is 1Gb fitted but after the android uses its own share of the RAM, it leaves less than 800Mb for the apps. A fake will show 2Gb RAM fitted, but only have 1Gb RAM fitted. Misleading, dishonest and fake are synonymous with the cheap android car radios.

Cheap Android Car Radio

The key pitfalls of the cheap android car radios is they are

  • Slow to boot, slow to load apps, slow to react to inputs
  • Has features missing, like split screen due to the cheap processor used
  • Some app may not load due to the low level of RAM that modern apps don’t run with
  • The old version of android may not work with many apps that need a modern android version
  • Google maps is relatively processor and RAM hungry because it is designed to run on flagship phones
  • The android version may be blocked from play store or unable to update play and apps need sideloading to install

All Bad?

The cheap android car stereos are not all bad. You need to have reasonable expectations of what it can do and how well it can do it. The cheap android car radios will be slow to use, slow to boot up, and slow to react to button presses. These cheapo head units may not run the apps you expect them to or if they do, it can be a slow and frustrating experience. They may not store as many apps as you expect and don’t have the features like split screen that you would assume the would have. Even the specification or android version listed will be incorrect or misleading due to the Fakery that happens in the manufacturing or supply chain.

Reasonable Expectations

Think about your phone. Is it fast good enough to load and run google maps? Yes, then was your previous phone able to work as well, or the phone before that. What about your phone that you had in 2014. Do you think it could work as well as your current phone?. The cheapest android car stereos will behave like a low end android phone from the year 2014. This is your reasonable expectation of the performance and characteristics of the cheapet android car stereo.


Most, if not all the cheapest android car stereos are based on the 8227L_demo hardware. This cheap android head unit is very popular. This is due to the low cost but most people with them end up searching ways to improve the performance through a flash, fix the obsolete specifications and upgrade the version of android.

Slightly less cheap android car stereos

Have we given you a reasonable expectation for the cheapest android car stereos? You could be thinking about spending a little bit more money. More money means better specifications, better performance and overall a better product? Yes, generally the more you spend, the more you can get. More RAM, faster processors and better customer support are all things that can improve with a bigger budget.

Bigger Budget

The next higher price bracket of the cheap android car stereos will include better specifications leading to a faster, more fluid and engaging performance. Less frustrating, quicker to boot up, faster to react to swipes and apps load more snappily.

Limiting factors

One of the limiting factors of the cheap android car stereos is the low level of RAM fitted. You can only break this RAM barrier with a more modern, greater cored processor. These advanced processors support the increased level of RAM and run more quickly but are more expensive to produce.

Android Headunit Tip

All the Quadcore processors, including the 8227L are limited to the low level of RAM. This type of processor is cheaper to produce than their OctaCore and HexaCore cousins.


While the 8227L based cheapest android car stereos are to be avoided they based on the Quadcore technology. There are other Quadcore, budget processors, with the same 2Gb limitations but are slightly quicker. There is still the Fakery of android version, which although reports as an android 10 car stereo, it will be running a hacked version of android 6 or android 8 (including the terrible android 8.1). Typical quadcores in the next price bracket are the AllWinner T3p1 and the PX30. You still need to have reasonable expectations but the processor is just a little bit quicker. Everything else stays the same.

Cheapest android car stereo

If you have your heart set on getting a cheap android car stereo, along with the many thousands of happy customers, ignoring all the criticisms and Fakery concerns. Then have a look here for one on eBay, just don’t have high expectations of its performance.

Android guy who loves his android head units as much as he loves his cherry pie.

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