Control Android Headunit with Keyboard & Mouse

Novel uses of your android headunit may call for alternative input devices. We all know about the touch screen, but what if you can’t reach or touch the screen? Maybe you would like the rear passengers a level of control over the android headunit, maybe it isn’t even in a vehicle? A keyboard and mouse would help!

Non car use

These novel uses for an android headunit usually find themselves in the category of ‘non car use’. Some have used them with games emulators or just youtube video players, other have put them in boats. Whatever you choose to do with your android headunit is it nice to know that it could well be compatible keyboard and mouse. This feature would open up the possibilities to control and input information, even just for a more ergonomic keyboard if you needed to type more than just a wifi password.


The disadvantage of two devices, a keyboard and a separate mouse may use up more of the valuable USB ports, so a solution would be the two devices combined into a single unit. This would only require one USB port, yet allow both devices to communicate to the android headunit.

Will it work?

Will it work is a difficult question to answer, as the saying says ‘it worked for me, but your mileage may vary’. Luckily it isn’t difficult to find out. The test is as simple as just plugging the USB BT adaptor into a free USB port and putting batteries into the controller.

The actual keyboard-trackpad (eBay) that has worked on the android headunits is very cheap, so very little is lost if it doesn’t work, but lots to gain if it does. It is well worth getting the mini trackpad to test the compatibility, let us know in the comments if it worked for you.

Little USB bluetooth android headunit keyboard and mouse for greater input options.
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