Corrupt Screen image on Android Headunit

Corrupted Android headunit screen showing vertical bars on a light background.
Resetting makes no difference to the corrupt screen, and neither does power off/on again. These screens are often seen as a hardware faults, but a bad flash caused this.

Bad flash?

Yes, the person responsible was upfront about what they did, so a hardware fault was quickly ruled out as the cause. The bad flash was caused by uploading a new MCU firmware not designed for this headunit version. The MCU controls the screen and many other functions of the Android headunit. Flashing the wrong MCU can lead to all sorts of failures. Some minor, some major, this bad flash has at least caused a corrupted display and unusable Android headunit.


Only the screen is visible, and no reaction to the touch screen is determined, but even if these functions did work, the wrong MCU file might have rendered any other function inoperable.


Recovery is unlikely. It will depend on two factors.
1. Access to the bootloader – if the bootloader is intact and not overwritten, then this would be the foot in the door to reloading the correct firmware.

2. The correct firmware MCU file is required to overwrite the incorrect files and get it working again.

This is typically not worth the time, particularly with the rubbish headunits that are very slow or old.

Android HeadUnit
Android HeadUnit
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