Custom car logo for android headunit

This guide follows from the guide to add a car logo to an android headunit using the pre-installed common manufacturers found in CarWebGuru. If you want to install a custom car logo on your android headunit and have not read the previous guide, here it is.

If you have already tried the guide to Adding car logo to android headunit screen and found that your chosen car logo is missing, there is a great option to include a custom logo in the common .png format. The advantage of the .png or Portable Network Graphics for a custom car logo is transparency.

To add a custom car logo on your android headunit follow these instructions:

  1. Follow the previous guide to the point you choose a logo
  2. Select ‘Custom’ and a message will tell you where to upload your custom logo to.

3. Upload from a USB thumb drive, a micro SD card or send it over wifi. A useful tool for managing files is ES File Explorer (may need sideloading).

Es File explorer showing the custom logo file copied to storage/emulated/0/CarWebGuru/logo

4. Using a file manager move the custom logo file to the correct location on the android headunit.

5. Go back to the CarWebGuru ‘Custom’ logo selection screen and your new car logo will appear in the screen, you can have more than one stored in the custom menu at any one time.

It can be helpful to upload several different versions in one go to choose the best looking iteration of your design.

The file format required for the custom vehicle logo is a .png with transparency and a resolution of 300 by 300 pixels.

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