Customise the Android Headunit Launcher


If you have seen any of our guides to adding a vehicle logo the centre of your android headunit screen then you may well have used AGAMA car launcher for this task.

Agama is highly customisable and proficient android headunit launcher, but it is not the only one available. Have a look at our list of android headunit launchers if choose not to use agama and would like to see some alternatives.

One Key Trick

One key trick to Agama launcher to unlock its full potential is a small, yet powerful option found in the menu system. Activate this key trick built into agama to unleash the full potential of the colour customisation of agama.

These are the steps to reach the option to allow better launcher customisation.

  1. Tap the gear wheel in the bottom right corner of the agama main screen
android headunit launcher ford logo customise

2. Tap the ‘Theme Options’ menu item

3. Select the ‘Advanced design settings’ EXPERT mode and tap OK

4. Now tap the ‘Theme Editor’ and you will see a much more customisable options list for colouring much more of the screen locations.

5. More options to select colour ‘color’, brightness and alpha (transparency, opacity) to fully set the look of your launcher to match your vehicle interior.

The buttons

Now you have have the colours you want to select which app is activated by each button. Only android apps can have actions for a button. Features that are not android, like reversing/backup camera are not android features and won’t be available on a launcher button.

But if you have an app, like google maps or waze navigation and want to map to the NAVI button to say, waze, just follow these instructions. Substitute any of the names, icons and apps to your liking.

  1. A long press on the NAVI button will bring up a menu with the options ICON, NAME, APP
  2. Tap ICON to see a list of potential icons for your NAVI button,
  3. Tap NAME to change the button label, say ‘WAZE’ may be more appropriate
  4. Tap APP to select the app you want to be activated by this button press.
    (a long press on the app is where you can set an autostart, along with a delay)
  5. Click ‘close’ and now you can test your new button.

Do the same for as many of the buttons as you like

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