CVBS OUT on an Android Head Unit

What is CVBS_OUT_1 on an Android head unit used for?

Will the Android headunit still work if I don’t connect CVBS_OUT?

What connects to the CVBS OUT?

Yellow panel socket

You can find CVBS OUT 1 and sometimes CVBS OUT 2 on the rear panel of an Android headunit. The CVBS OUT connectors are universally colored yellow in the center of the RCA socket when mounted on a back panel.

Bunch of connectors

Your android wiring loom may have a bunch of RCA connectors, and one is labeled CVBS_OUT. While several will be colored yellow, there will be only one CVBS_OUT_1 and possibly a CVBS_OUT_2.

CVBS OUT 1 and CVBS OUT 2 cables for android headunit

As mentioned in the manual

The manual may mention connecting CVBS_OUT but doesn’t identify enough due to a monochrome print or poor-quality text. The CVBS_OUT will be a yellow RCA connector. Look for tags on the wiring loom for small labels marked V_OUT or VIDEO_OUT.

Not common

CVBS_OUT is not a very common rear connection on an Android headunit.
Your headunit may not be equipped with video out on the yellow connector.

What does CVBS_OUT_1 mean?

CVBS stands for Composite Video Baseband Signal, sending analog video signals over a cheap coaxial cable.

CVBS_OUT is CVBS Output. This way, the Android headunit can send analog video signals to an external device, usually a display monitor or screen.

CVBS_OUT_1, the number 1 identifies the CVBS OUT when there is more than one; typically, the maximum number of CVBS_OUT on an android headunit is Two. (CVBS_OUT_1 and CVBS_OUT_2).

Connecting devices to CVBS_OUT

You can connect any analog display that has a CVBS_IN connector. This can be anything from a CCTV monitor to a large LCD TV. Your display device must be CVBS (composite input) compatible for CVBS OUT to work. You can identify a compatible TV or monitor by looking on the rear or side of the screen for a ‘Composite’ or ‘Component’ input, a yellow RCA marked ‘in,’ or a SCART socket. Special SCART plugs can adapt to provide composite information.

To link the Android headunit RCA/Phono yellow female CVBS_OUT to the RCA/Phono yellow female CVBS_IN displays, use an RCA jack lead; the hat has a yellow male phono at each end.

Typical lead used to connect the CVBS_OUT to a display or screen

Problems with CVBS_OUT

Sometimes, CVBS_OUT on your Android head unit is confused when it should output a video signal. It is a common misconception that all Android headunits with a CVBS_OUT connector will always output the screen image.

Some Android headunits, particularly those with mechanical drives w, will only output a video signal when the drive is in use. But this is not a rule, as many mech-less android headunits won’t output all the video all the time, but a similar-looking android headunit will function as expected.


The advice for the buyer is to ensure that the video output on the CVBS_OUT connector will function as you need it to before purchasing the Android headunit. There is no secret setting to fix the CVBS_OUT problem if it affects your model.

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