Desktop wallpaper and widgets

The Nova launcher is very popular among phone users to change the customisers launcher or upgrade from stock. It doesn’t require root and is very easy to make the android screens just as you like them.

You can use nova launcher to add Desktop wallpaper and widgets to your android headunit screen.


Re-purposed android phone launcher for an android headunit that keeps the style of a phone. With specialised launchers for driving, like AGAMA making the in car android experience more unique, using Nova on the headunit keeps things familiar.

Pretty Widgets

Nova launcher, being a phone/tablet launcher at heart is ideal for adding widgets to your android headunit. The play store is full of widgets – the handy displays on the desktop that are more than just a short cut. The images above show a weather widget that includes the time on the screen. Nova will accept and show any of the play widgets that come with android and are available on play, from calendars to fitness apps.


Apps are displayed as icons, just like the phone which makes switching from phone to headunit very smooth. The app icons can be arranged, re-arranged, organised, and grouped . You can even order the apps in similar locations on the screen as your phone.

Pretty wallpaper

The desktop images in the example above is from an app called Scenery Wallpaper that are standard phone wallpaper desktops in landscape mode, ideal for an android headunit. Nothing new to learn, just treat the android headunit as you would an android phone and customise it easily to the way you want it to be.

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