Double DIN Tesla style android headunit

The double din body mounts into the dashboard but the vertical, portrait screen to give that tesla feel.

Tesla style

The portrait style android screen has become synonymous with the tesla brand of cars. But the portrait android is used every day when you hold your phone in your hand. Portrait is a more natural way for android to display phone apps. Unfortunately the number of android head unit car portrait compatible launchers is limited. But if you like the look of the factory launcher then it is all good and you can run with that.


The finished installation looks more complicated that it actually is. The body of the android headunit is a standard double DIN fitting with a shallow back. This configuration is ideal for most vehicles and then screen just protrudes up and into your view. The unit is a universal fit, so no CAN bus decoder is required, just the usual factory to ISO adaptors for an almost plug and play install.

Rear of the tesla android headunit showing a standard double DIN mount


The specifications are the most important thing to check after choosing the tesla style screen.

Pick the A3 model with 8 Cores (8x 2.5Ghz) and 4Gb RAM for best performance. Anything less will disappoint due to its slower speed. Avoid the A1 and A2 versions of this tesla style android screen.

Backed with 64Gb ROM it includes the improved DSP with a 48 channel equalizer.


Colours! For a fresh look, these tesla style android screens come in a range of colours to match the car interior.

360° camera onboard

In true tesla style the A3 version includes the processing power for a 360° camera view. This is a very useful feature and fits perfectly with the portrait screen. A real upgrade to your reversing camera.

Note the 4 cameras are used to provide a 360° view of the vehicle exterior on the tesla screen. These extra cameras are a recommended optional extra.


An uncommon, yet very useful feature included in this android headunit with a tesla style screen is the 4G SIM card slot. Data is a big thing for android headunits and its own dedicated SIM card slot is ideal when matched to a Data SIM.

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Pick your colour then pick the Eight Core model for the best features.

This Android Headunit is compatible with: Universal Reversing Cameras, 360 degree camera views, DAB+ Radio upgrade, GPS Sat-Nav with Google Maps or Waze, Aftermarket Steering Wheel Controls (SWC), Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS), OBD2 engine diagnostics, 4G Mobile Data,Digital TV (DVB-T2). It comes with WiFi and GPS as standard.

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