Driver door open, the screen shows it as the passenger door!


The CAN BUS version of the custom android headunits can be very clever, too clever. They know when a door is open and can display this on their screen. The android headunits even know which door has been opened.

Useful features

The useful features of the android headunits CAN BUS integration to the cars sub-system can be very important. Consider when fitting a bigger screen than the car was designed for, a few buttons or controls may be lost to the bigger real estate of the screen. The android headunit can then mirror the missing controls on it’s screen. This is quite common with tesla screens and air condition controls.

When it goes wrong

The door open signal is carried on the CAN BUS and the clever android headunits can pick up on that call to display a message and show some pretty graphics to depict a ‘door open’ on a car picture. All very useful for the driver should you need to know if the doors are open or closed. But what happens when the ‘drivers door is open, BUT the screen shows it as the passenger door!’or you may even find it transposed the other way and get ‘Passenger door open, the screen shows it as the drivers door!’? Not at all good to show to your friends.

The solution

As you may have already thought: It has to be in the settings somewhere!
You would be right, but obviously you came here looking for the solution to ‘Driver is door open, the screen shows it as the passenger door!’ because it was not so easy to find in the setting screens.

Try this:
Go to settings
Go to ‘car infotainment’
Go to ‘about device’
Click the settings cog by ‘HMI version’
Enter pin 8888 (or find your PIN)
Click ‘CAN type’
Change ‘swap f-door’ and ‘swap r-door’ from ‘normal’ to ‘swap’
Job done!


Now to test the door opening. Try the drivers door, see that the image of the car on the screen and its door now matches the actual door you opened and closed. Try also the passenger door in the same way. You should now have a correctly configured CAN BUS and door open/closed signal with your android headunit.

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