Echo Auto – Alexa for your car!

Echo Auto is now in its second generation and has the tagline: Add Alexa to your car.

Voice Activation

Natural voice activation is the key to communicating with the devices in your car. Asking Siri or Google to play tracks has become more accessible with an Android headunit, Apple CarPlay, or Android Auto. Amazon Alexa steps this up a gear with its new Echo Auto.


Calls and voice activation have always been affected by microphone positioning and quality. The Amazon devices’ essential design criteria include multiple, great-quality microphones built in. The Echo Auto boasts five microphones and clever programming to make the most of each. Not only is the listening feature’s quality and quantity important, but its positioning within the vehicle also makes a big difference.

Flexibility of fitting

The extended USB lead lets you fit the Echo Auto nearer the driver’s mouth. This helps the microphones pick up your voice over the background noises of the music playing or intrusive road or engine noise. The supplied base has an adhesive that can stick to a hard plastic area to keep the Amazon assistant firmly in place.

Fast Charging

The supplied power socket to the USB adaptor can power the Echo Auto and is Quick Charge 3.0 certified for fast phone charging. You can also attach the Alexa device to your in-car USB port; the choice of connectivity is up to you.


The Echo Auto will Bluetooth to your car stereo to stream the sounds it can generate, the music it can play, and the answers it can give you. A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) is supported for audio streaming, HFP (Hands-Free Profile) supports making and receiving calls, and iPod Accessory Protocol for Bluetooth connectivity to iPhones. The Echo device for your car has the connectivity options it needs to help you along your journey.

Classic Alexa Control

The Echo Auto has the same Classic Alexa voice control. Switching lights on or off at home while you drive brings this convenience to another level. Depending on which Alexa-compatible devices you use at home, you can control them in the car the same way you do on your Amazon Echo, Dot, or Show.


The new Echo Auto is big on privacy. You can switch the unit’s microphones off and view, hear, and delete recordings from within the app. Amazon has made it much easier to exercise your privacy with this new in-car Alexa device.

On the Road Features

Echo Auto has some driver-friendly features available. For example, if you ask Alexa for help because you have run out of gas or your engine has stopped working, you can be connected to a live person who can assist you.

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