Fake RAM in Android Head Units

We have all heard about the fake ram fitted to the android head units. Or would that be ram not fitted to an android headunit, but the software has been hacked to report incorrect and falsely inflated amount of ram Memory.

Common Trick

It is a very common way to increase sales of old stock, obsolete equipment or just plain old dishonest sales techniques to increase profit or undercut the competition. Saying the product is something that it is not. These selling tricks are not just restricted to android, you get it in all walks of life. The seller makes false claims about a product and you don’t find out until it is too late to do anything about it.


Misrepresentation of the specifications, particularly the amount of ram in an android head unit is not limited to the headunits. All cheaply produced android devices can suffer from the fake ram scam.

The trick is a simple one but can be operated at different levels of deception. But they all end up with the same result. That being, paying for and expecting one product and receiving something different, of a lower specification than expected.

The Deception

From the most basic deception of the outer box or sales listing showing the wrong amount of ram fitted. For example; The product may have 2Gb ram fitted in the factory but the outer packaging box and/or the sales pitch says it has 4Gb ram. The cost saving in production is some ram chips but the impact on the user is a slow and laggy device.

This simple trick could just be down to putting the device in the wrong packaging or a mistake with the copy and paste from a different product or optional extra. It could be a genuine mistake.

Quite often the deception can be put down to dishonesty at the production stage. This is proved by deep diagnosis of the actual level of ram available to the system compared to the amount of ram that the android operating system reports. The is a discrepancy when the android software code is altered at the manufacturing stage to report back more ram than is fitted.

The Test

It is made possible by a free app to show that true level of available ram to android and you can compare this with the advertised level of ram (from the box, the sales page or what android reports back). The free app for checking the true level of ram in android is RAM Truth app available on the play store for all android devices.

RAM Truth

Install the ram truth app and you will get a warning;

RAM truth app error fix
Tap ‘OK’ to continue.

RAM Truth

This app was built for an older version of Android and may not work properly. Try checking for updates or contact the developer. Check for update / OK

Just OK the warning. This is nothing to worry about and no need to contact the developer. It is a design feature. Tap ‘OK’ to continue.

The app will make an in-depth assessment of the actual ram. True to it’s name ‘ram Truth’ the app drills down and gets to the bottom of the actual ram fitted.

The two blue dot areas are your total ram (system and user) added together gives the total true ram. The app reports this figure, rounded up to Gb at the top of the screen.


Android RAM check

If the app reports back a lower level of ram than was advertised, you have fake ram. You can’t use the fake bit, it doesn’t exist and may explain why some apps are laggy or won’t install, when you know they should. Your recourse would be to complain and get a refund. This can have it’s own difficulties when the vendor is is a foreign country and they are ignoring your communications.

Common Fakery

A common fakery target is the 8227L_ALPS_DEMO based android headunit. Obsolete hardware specifications can’t compete on sales as the buyers get more savvy, so the junk head unit is mis-sold as a higher spec than it actually is. Cheap chinese made android tablets and some bottom end android phones also suffer form this fakery and the ram truth app can also help expose the deception in those devices too.

Comments box

The ram truth app has a handy copy and paste feature, see the bottom of the screen in the app. Hold your finger on the lower section to copy the information from the app and you are then able to paste this non-identifying information in the comments box below to help others with the problem of which devices suffer from the fake ram issue.

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