Fcc Car Launcher

We take a look at Fcc Car Launcher for the android headunit.

The FCC car launcher install on your android headunit is just a few simple questions with the usual permissions needing granting for the features to work properly. Your first insight into something special is the question about your device type. This would indicate that some beyond the normal degree of integration with the available hardware.

Select your device type

FCC car launcher device type selection  screen
Select your device type when installing FCC Car Launcher

The options available to you are:

  • CSN2
  • MTK

You may have some Manufacturer, Model, Device and Board information displayed below these options that could guide you to make the correct selection.

Rockchip are the PX series like the PX30, PX5 and PX6 chips

Tap an option for more information on the headunit type

FLYAUDIO are popular with Ford Custom install units

ROCKCHIP are typically the PX chips like PX3 PX5 PX6

ALLWINNER it the T3 (notably running android 7.1)

CSN2 could be a system with a PX5 or PX6 chip

MTK is 8227L_Demo and ALPS8227

FCC Car Launcher Skin

FCC Car Launcher skin selection screen
FCC Car Launcher skin selection

The FCC car launcher skin selection is (Left) split sat nav and music player control with a column of apps or (Right) two columns of apps with the music player control in the centre of the screen. The accent colour is blue in both if the examples and the background image is just a black image.

Enable Album Art

Enable the album art feature to allow FCC Launcher to get the album cover picture over the data to show them in the player window as shown in the pictures of Taylor Swift Fearless album above.

Installation Complete

With all the permissions granted and your options chosen the rather sparse looking screen greets you. FCC car launcher takes a fair bit of setting up compared with say, the AGAMA launcher, but you get a lot more control over how things look.

Long Press is the Key

Long press on the desktop reveals a menu to select apps and widgets for dragging onto the desktop. You can configure each app or each widget into any of the positions on the FCC launcher screen. This is a very high level of customisation. If there is an app or widget available on your android headunit then it can appear as an icon on FCC launcher.

Long Press also gives you access to SKINS and WALLPAPER

Skins are the layout options that you saw a glimpse of during installation. Wallpaper is the background image. You can have black for the classic look that gives a good contrast with the skins or select any picture you have in the gallery.

Crazy choice of FCC car launcher background image
Be mindful of picking a good wallpaper that can provide a good contrast in brightness with the Skin. This example is not a good choice, black works well.

Set Volume on Boot

One of the deeper integrations with the hardware that FCC can achieve is to set the android headunit volume at boot time. You may not need this feature but for some it is quite a problem. Setting the volume at boot can be the killer feature of this launcher for some. It is well worth getting the right hardware selected during the install if this feature doesn’t work. A bit of trial and error can go a long way in finding the right option to be rewarded with setting the boot volume a bit lower.

Android Headunit volume at boot setting in FCC Car Launcher
Tap ‘Setting’ either top left or top centre depending on which skin you are running to access the ‘Device volume on boot’ option. This is a premium (pro) feature.

Waze in FCC Car Launcher skin

Waze as your sat nav in the window rather than its own screen? Unfortunately not and this is not down to FCC.

Waze prohibits its integration into third party apps for navigation purposes unfortunately.

 Error code 910 on FCC Car Launcher

You need to resolve your issues with Google play on your device. This is a common issue with Google play. It does not relate to the particular app. It has a solution.

Homescreen widget permission

If you get the homescreen widget permission problem with recurring requests the solution is to ensure you selected “ALWAYS ALLOW” for the homescreen permission. This will prevent the repetitive request for permission for the app to operate on the FCC car launcher home screen.


If you are prepared to put a bit more time into setting this car launcher up to how you want it, you will be rewarded. You may not pick this as your very first launcher, if you are just dipping your toe in the water to sample the goods. But do come back to it if you want more customisation options than most.

As with all these fan developed apps, a pro purchase means a lot to the devs and it can also unlock the volume on boot and volume on restart options.

Problems with the apps? Crashing or Pro issues, contact the devs with as much information about the actual hardware and issues you are facing before leaving feedback.

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An android headunit enthusiast with years of experience with in car entertainment installation and design. Encouraging everyone who wants a change to try a different car launcher :)

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