Fix poor reception for DAB+ radio

The most popular and usually the first upgrade to add to the new android headunit is a DAB+ Adaptor. DAB is a form of Digital Audio Broadcasting (Digital Radio) available in several regions. The digital radio spectrum carries different stations to the FM service but to access them a DAB+ adaptor is required.

The problem is that most DAB+ adaptors for Android Headunits are supplied with a windscreen mount aerial. The performance of the DAB adaptor is seriously held back by this window mount aerial. If you find the quality of DAB is not what you were expecting, getting odd sounds like chirps and drop outs, upgrading the aerial is going to be your solution.

This replacement roof mount aerial from Amazon is compatible with FM and DAB+ and will replace the existing factory fitted vehicle aerial. While there are more cables to install, there is no need to drill any holes in the roof and you will get the full benefit of a tuned DAB aerial.

Replacing the factory vehicle aerial is a time consuming job and usually the headlining comes down to access the underside of the aerial. There is a 12v feed (red wire) to the aerial and this will need a fused supply from the +12v ignition live. Remove the headunit to attach FM lead, DAB SMA connector to the USB. Don’t forget to attach the nut to the underside of the aerial.

Your hard work will be rewarded.

The new aerial will provide a cleaner and stronger signal to the DAB that the windscreen mount could never dream of. Being on the roof there is no shielding from the metal bodywork and having some extra height will help.
Retune/rescan the channels to find any that were missing and enjoy your improved DAB.

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