How to add the Volkswagen logo to an Android headunit screen

Volkswagen Logo to show on the Android headunit screen

This is one in a series of articles showing how to add a vehicle logo to the Android head unit screen.

This topic will show you how to add the Volkswagen Logo to the Android screen.
Adding the Volkswagen Logo to an Android headunit and customizing the colors to match the vehicle dashboard and interior is very easy to do, yet it is also very effective. It makes your headunit display feel well-integrated with your vehicle. The Android screen customizations don’t stop at color and logo; there are different backgrounds.

Time needed: 10 minutes.

To add a VW Logo to the android headunit;

  1. Ensure you can sign into your google account

    You need to access the play store

  2. Find Agama in the play store or use the link: AGAMA Car Launcher

    Either open the play app and search for Agama or use a web browser to access play

  3. Download and install Agama

    It may take a while but let it download and install

  4. A new icon will appear on the screen,

    Click it to open Agama

  5. Click the gear wheel

    To enter the settings menu

  6. Select ‘Your car’

    Here you can make changes to the vehicle logo selection

  7. Select ‘VW’ from the list of manufacturer logos.

    This is where you select the correct vehicle manufacturer

  8. Next click ‘Design, Theme Editor’

    and use the sliders to select the color and hue.

  9. Next, tap ‘BACKGROUND’

    Choose your color filter and background texture.

  10. Click OK,

    To accept the selection you made

  11. Click APPLY

    To st the changes as the new android headunit screen logo

You should have the VW logo on your headunit screen, and it would look similar to one of our pictures in the gallery.

Well, Done! Enjoy the new feature of your Android Headunit.

Black leather effect with VW logo in the center

VW logo on android headunit

Red floral background with white highlights and the VW logo at the center

VW logo on android headunit


Adding a new launcher won’t remove your existing launcher. Even if you didn’t know you had one, you do. The home screen on Android is put there by a launcher. If you decide AGAMA is not your car launcher, just install the new one and select which one you want as the default one. You can uninstall the ones you don’t want later, just as you would for any app.

I am an staff blogger. I have been using Android on my devices for many years and have learned a lot about the features and best hardware to keep up with the latest Android versions. I also make the coffee ☕

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