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We are pleased to have the opportunity to review the single DIN replacement stereo and universal fit Joying JY-HOS02N4GS-1. The striking visible feature of this Joying android headunit is it’s very wide 10.25″ screen. Having a resolution of 1280*480 giving it a novel 8:3 aspect ratio. An advantage of this format in a universal fit is it can integrate with many modern interiors. Any headunit more rectangular can obscure the various controls and vents. You should check that it’s 276*118 mm screen will fit. Making a cardboard template to these dimensions can help with testing the fit.

Universal fit

The universal fit Joying android headunit comes with standard ISO connectors that will connect directly to older vehicles. It will also interface easily with the correct patch lead for more modern vehicles. As expected the KEY1 and KEY2 Steering Wheel Control (SWC) lines are included. This feature will keep the vehicle factory SWC working with the joying via a vehicle specific SWC adaptor. The ISO connectors of the Joying make for a much easier install over the cheaper headunits that don’t have any plugs. Nothing less than we would expect from Joying.

Detachable screen on android headunit

There is a feel of quality about this wide Joying screen. In the picture you can see how the screen is coupled to the 1 DIN (single DIN) body. A flexible ribbon cable, adjustable and demountable clips give this android headunit a very useful degree of flexibility to install. These features makes this android headunit a very good choice for universal 1 DIN upgrades. Where a custom fit is not required and there is limited vertical space to install a much larger screen this could be just what you need.

Intel processor

Packaged into its single DIN body is the quick Intel SC9853i 8 core processor. Coupled to a delay busting 4Gb RAM makes this android headunit fast. But with the addition of ‘fastboot’ it becomes one of the quickest to boot too. But it isn’t just quick! There is also a generous 64Gb ROM.


Included extras help raise this android headunit from up, above the others. Unusually for an android headunit, joying have kindly included a 4G dongle for data. Just add a SIM and the headunit data connection is ready to go. The Bluetooth version 5.1 further enhances the capability of the joying for bluetooth music and calls. A small and often overlooked feature is an external microphone for improving the clarity of outgoing caller voice. Joying has included this extra as an external microphone in the box.

Our recommendation

This Joying supports all the usual and expected addons. The fast octacore intel processor with 4Gb RAM makes this fast. But not only fast, the fastboot feature makes it boot almost instantly. A fast boot is ideal if you need the stereo for satnav. If you are looking for a single DIN universal fit and this novel screen size of 276x118mm is what you need, then this Joying JY-HOS02N4GS-1 comes highly recommended by us.

[review_summary title=”Quick Review summary” summary=”A respected brand brings us this novel format screen backed by a powerful system” positives=”High quality
OctaCore Intel Processor
64Gb ROM
plenty of connectivity options
has fast boot
has DSP option
4G adaptor included” negatives=”It is a universal, so additional adaptors may be required to install
Only 2 USB ports”]
[rating title=”Speed” value=”4″ range=”5″]
[rating title=”Value for money” value=”3″ range=”5″]
[rating title=”Ease of use” value=”5″ range=”5″]
[rating title=”Ease of install” value=”3″ range=”5″]

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