Launch an app automatically on startup of the Android Headunit

If you want an app to start automatically at each start of your android headunit without having to tap the icon each time, it is possible.
You may be running ‘Torque’ app for ECU monitoring or a speed limiting and monitoring app that needs to run on each and every journey and you are getting frustrated at having to tap the icon and ok the messages before you can drive. Keeping an app active on your android headunit when it powers down is not possible, but starting it automatically is possible.

We will show you how to do it.

The solution can be found in changing the Android Headunit Launcher. The launcher is the home screen. Some launchers have the ability to not just look pretty, give easy access to apps and information, but automate processes at start-up. This is what you need to have other apps start when the headunit starts.

Launchers are Key

Most of the launchers we have looked at recently have this feature, but there will be more to add to the list as the play store fills with Headunit Launcher apps.

CarLauncher Pro supports ‘Tasker‘ which can take your automation to the next level. The power of Tasker may be more than you need to just start torque pro at boot. But don’t let that put you off trying the launcher for free.

AGAMA has the option to load an app at load time and this Android Headunit launcher is also very popular because of its manufacturer logo placement and overall design. Also free to try, it can solve the problem of starting extra apps when the headunit loads. Check out our AGAMA review here.

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