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The Ultimate Guide to Using Lucky Boot Animator for Your Android Headunit


In the realm of automotive customization, the Android headunit stands as a versatile piece of technology that can significantly enhance your driving experience. Whether it’s for navigation, entertainment, or connectivity, an Android headunit brings the power of Android to your car’s dashboard. However, for the true customizers among us, the default boot animations of these units can feel bland and uninspiring. Enter Lucky Boot Animator – a powerful tool designed to breathe life into your headunit’s boot sequence with personalized animations. This comprehensive guide will explore the origins, features, file formats, and benefits of using Lucky Boot Animator to transform your Android headunit’s startup experience.

What is Lucky Boot Animator?

Lucky Boot Animator is an application that allows Windows and Android users to customize their device’s boot animation. Originally designed for Android smartphones, it has found a new audience among car enthusiasts and tech-savvy individuals who utilize Android headunits in their vehicles. This tool enables users to replace the standard, often boring boot animations with something more visually appealing and personalized.

Origins of Lucky Boot Animator

Lucky Boot Animator was developed as part of the broader ecosystem of Android customization tools. The app emerged from the desire of Android enthusiasts to personalize every aspect of their devices, extending from wallpaper and icons to the very animation that greets them on startup. As Android headunits gained popularity, the demand for customization options specific to these devices grew, leading to the adaptation and widespread use of Lucky Boot Animator in the Android sector. The original post from XDA Senior Member fbauto1 on Jul 19, 2012, introduces Lucky Boot Animator.

Why Customize Your Android Headunit Boot Sequence?

  1. Personal Expression: Just as custom ringtones and wallpapers allow you to express your personality, a customized boot animation adds a personal touch to your car’s technology.
  2. Branding: For businesses using fleet vehicles, custom boot animations can be used for branding purposes, displaying a company logo or promotional message upon startup.
  3. Entertainment: Custom boot animations can entertain passengers, particularly during the initial moments of a trip when the system is booting up.
  4. Aesthetic Enhancement: A slick, well-designed boot animation can enhance the overall aesthetic of your vehicle’s interior tech setup.

Getting Started with Lucky Boot Animator


Before diving into customization, you need to install Lucky Boot Animator on your Windows Computer. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Download the App: You can find Lucky Boot Animator on the XDA Forum post. The current version is
    Boot Animator Beta 5, with a File size: 25.21MB and Uploaded: 2013-05-19 13:36:48
  2. Install the App: Once downloaded, locate the file, unzip it and double-click the extracted BootAnimator.exe to run it on a Microsoft Windows PC.

Preparing Your Animation

Before you can use a custom boot animation, you need to prepare your animation files. Here’s how:

  1. Create Your Animation: You can create your animation using any video editing software. Keep the animation short to minimize the boot time. You can also download YouTube videos and crop them down to a reasonable time for a boot sequence or find clips that you like on TikTok.
  2. Convert Video to Frames: Lucky Boot Animator works by converting your video into a series of images (frames) and then packaging them up to the correct

Supported Formats

Video Formats

Lucky Boot Animator converts video files and creates animations as images. Popular video formats for creating animations include:

  • MP4: Widely supported and versatile.
  • AVI: Known for high quality but can be large.
  • MOV: Commonly used in professional environments.

The introduction post boasts that ‘This is an automated program that will convert ANY VIDEO of ANY FORMAT into a file’. But beware the app is still in the Beta testing phase, so expect some caveats to the claim. Stick to well-known video formats for improved compatibility.

Image Formats

The converted frames will be in a format that Android Headunits support. Common image formats include:

  • PNG: Preferred for its lossless quality and support for transparency.
  • JPG: Suitable for animations where file size is a concern, though it is a lossy format.

Customizing the Boot Animation

Using Lucky Boot Animator

  1. Open the App: Launch Lucky Boot Animator on your Windows PC by opening BootAnimator.exe
  2. Import Frames: Use the app’s interface to import the folder containing your video.
  3. Adjust Settings: Customize settings such as frame rate (how quickly the images change), resolution to match your headunit’s screen, and loop and trim video.
  4. Apply Animation: Once satisfied, apply the animation. The app will handle the technical aspects of integrating the new animation into your headunit’s boot sequence animation file.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Animation Not Displaying

  • Check File Path: Ensure that the frame files are correctly placed and the path is correctly specified in the app.
  • Compatibility: Verify that the frame format and resolution are compatible with your headunit.

Slow Boot Time

  • Optimize Frames: Reduce the number of frames or compress the image files to speed up the boot time.
  • Frame Rate: Adjust the frame rate to ensure a smooth but quick animation sequence.

Quality Issues

  • Resolution: Make sure the resolution of your frames matches your headunit’s display resolution.
  • Image Quality: Use high-quality images to prevent pixelation and blurriness.

Benefits of Using Lucky Boot Animator

  1. Enhanced User Experience: A personalized boot animation can make the startup process more enjoyable and engaging for users.
  2. Brand Identity: Custom animations can reinforce brand identity for businesses using Android headunits in their vehicles.
  3. Differentiation: Stand out from the crowd with a unique boot animation that reflects your style and personality.
  4. Entertainment Value: Engage passengers with entertaining animations, making the wait during the boot process less noticeable.

Examples of Creative Boot Animations

To inspire your customization journey, here are a few ideas for creative boot animations:

  1. Brand Logos: Display your favourite car brand’s logo with stylish animation.
  2. Nature Scenes: Use a time-lapse of a beautiful sunrise or a scenic landscape to create a calming effect.
  3. Retro Themes: Invoke nostalgia with animations inspired by classic video games or vintage technology.
  4. Minimalist Designs: Simple, clean animations that are aesthetically pleasing without being overly complex.


Lucky Boot Animator offers a powerful and flexible solution for customizing the boot animation of your Android headunit. Whether you’re looking to express your personal style, enhance your vehicle’s branding, or simply entertain your passengers, this tool provides all the functionality you need. By understanding the supported formats, how to prepare your animation, and how to troubleshoot common issues, you can create stunning boot animations that transform the startup experience of your Android headunit. Embrace the potential of customization and make every startup a visual delight with Lucky Boot Animator.

ReadMe.txt of the Lucky Boot Animator (Beta Version)

Lucky Boot Animator (beta 1)

This is an automated program that will conver ANY VIDEO of ANY FORMAT into a file.


Can convert virtually any video format.
Able to trim videos.
Creates a preview video which you can upload to youtube or share with others.
Creates a preview GIF file that you can upload to forums to share with others.
Project folder


Phone must be rooted.
Your KERNEL MUST ALLOW custom boot animation.
Videos will be SCALED to the width/height you set.
GIF files has a limitation when it comes to color palettes so the GIF file produced may have lower quality than the videos. This is normal. The low quality is ONLY in the GIF file and has NOTHING to do with the boot animation files.
Boot animation will play when your phone is booting up. The boot animation WILL NOT CARE about the length of your video. As soon as it is done booting, the boot animation will stop. IT WILL NOT WAIT TO PLAY THE WHOLE VIDEO.

Basic Steps:
File->Open Video File (You can also drag/drop the file here)
Click on Create Boot Animation!
Move to /system/media
Reboot and enjoy your new boot animation!

Multiple parts (part0 part1 part2 etc)
Port to an android app.
Help file

Change Log:
beta1 (7-19-12) – beta release
beta1.1 (7-20-12) – fixed no file found issue

Problems and Fixes

You may receive an error while attempting to run BootAnimator.exe that references .NET Framework Initialisation Error.

.NET framework error

The solution is to download and install the .NET framework version four from Microsoft. The link is to the offline installer that will install version 4 of the .NET framework to allow BootAnimator.exe to run.

Install the file that has been downloaded and when prompted, reboot the computer to finish the installation.

Reboot after installing dotNET

When the PC has rebooted, run the BootAnimator.exe file to start the process

You will now have Lucky Boot Animator loaded and this is the screen you will see to make your custom boot animation from your chosen video file, with the options you have selected.

Lucky Boot Animator screenshot
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