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Fastest phone processor 2022 🏃...
Fastest phone processor 2022 🏃💨

MTK8667, MT8667 or just 8667 is a Processor/MCU used in newer models of Android Head units.

But is the MT8667 any good for powering your in-car entertainment?


Mediatek are a big player in the Arm core based processors that find their way into many of the Android Headunits sold today. Most of the MTK chips produced end up in a phone but a fair share are reserved for the Android Car Players – that are Android Headunits.


The 8667 is a modern 64 bit Octacore processor, with a modern instruction set and access to large amounts of RAM suitable for current and future android versions and driver expectations.

MTK 8667 Specifications

The 8667 is an Octa-Core processor, this means there are 8 cores within the chip. These multiple cores increase the processing power and its speed at running apps and android. Modern chips contain at lest 6 cores and more often 8 or 10 cores. Extra cores generally means more processing power.

The instruction set used in the 8667 is the ARMv8.2-A (64-bit) set. This 64 bit instruction sets builds on the old 32 bit instructions sets by adding new instructions and processing others more efficiently.

Six ARM Cortex-A55 cores, clocked at 1.7 GHz and Two ARM Cortex-A75 cores clocked at 2.0 GHz make up the Octa-Core (8 core) configuration.

This speed/power saving split belies the core design target as being a mobile phone. Android Head units do not need the low power, battery saving mode as they do not have a battery. But this does make it cheaper to produce due to lower research and development costs and is guaranteed to be fully compatible with android.

1Mb cache is included on the 8667 chip for performance improvements for daily tasks. More cache can generally deliver increased performance but with decreasing returns on additional cache.

Clock Speed

The clock speed is listed as 1.7Ghz/2Ghz. This is due to the two different ArmCortex cores fitted. The A55 are clocked at 1.7Ghz and the A75 are clocked at 2Ghz. This gives the Energy Efficient/Boost figures.


The MT8667 can access up-to 8Gb RAM. This is the target level of RAM. Above 4Gb is good, the more the better. Avoid 1Gb and 2Gb as this is just too little for modern applications and expectations. More RAM makes the android headunit more responsive and generally nicer to use. Too little RAM makes the head unit laggy and slow to respond.

The types of RAM that the MT8667 can use is LPDDR3 or LPDDR4x-1600. Faster RAM is better, but more RAM is much more important for the general apps and android running on the head unit.

Android Headunit Tip

Do check the actual amount of RAM advertised as fitted and pay the extra for more RAM if there is the option. This one upgrade at purchase is well worth the money.


ROM is usually listed at 128Gb for the 8667, but 256Gb can be available. Not as important as RAM, the ROM is generally discarded and focus should be on the RAM.

Octacore + 8Gb

The MTK8667 is a classic combination of 8 cores and 8Gb RAM. It is a modern, well specified design and put it at the upper scale of the android head units available.

In context the 8227L_Demo junk has 4 cores and 1Gb or 2Gb RAM. The cores run at a low 1.3Ghz. So the MTK8667 shines head and shoulders, many generations above the 8227L.


The MT8667 has an integrated graphics core. This is the same for all SoC/Processors found in the Android Car Players, there are no discrete graphics cards or options to upgrade.

8667 has the basic Imagination PowerVR GE8320 core for its 2D and 3D graphics processing. The processor core does not have a huge impact on the android headunit because it is not used for gaming, unlike the mobile phones.


Yes, the MT8667 is a very good choice processor for an android headunit. Coupled with 8Gb RAM this is a winning combination. The high speed processors all benefit from active cooling because there is often little to no passive cooling available when it has been fitted in the dashboard.

Similar Processor

The MT8667 is similar to the Helio P65 – with exception of the graphics capability. Imagination PowerVR GE8320 vs ARM Mali-G52 making a cheaper chip that lacks the gaming graphics. Ideal for an android based car head unit

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