Microphone Volume Settings

Are you searching for the Android Headunit volume settings?

Low Microphone Volume

A poor quality call from an android headunit is usually due to the low microphone volume. The internal microphones in the low rent, budget head units are often of very low quality and not very effective. This leads to the person on the other end of the call not hearing you properly making the call very frustrating for both parties.

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Poor Positioning

The positioning of the internal microphone is not ideal for a voice call. Low down and not very close to the callers mouth the microphone circuit was destined to perform poorly. Coupled with the low quality materials the overall microphone system can’t capture your voice well enough for the other party to hear you clearly.

External Microphone

A well placed external microphone is an option for the headunits that have this feature. Not all android headunits have an external microphone input, but if yours does, try one. Place the external microphone high up, as close to your mouth as possible. Having the microphone high up, near the sun visor encourages the driver to keep their head up when driving and chatting hands free. Looking down at the microphone to direct your voice to the microphone is not the best way to multitask driving and talking.

Still too quiet

If your microphone is still too quiet to be head properly then this is when the search for the microphone volume settings starts. Vanilla Android does not have a microphone volume control, but the hacked versions found on an android headunit may, very possibly have one. It is worth a look in the advanced menus (use our Android Headunit Passcode list if you need the secret code) for microphone volume. Most don’t have this setting, but you are very lucky if you do have it.

Microphone Volume Settings

If you are lucky enough to find a microphone volume setting, make sure it is slid fully to the right. If you don’t have the microphone volume setting available (most don’t) or yours is fully maxed out already and the caller still can’t hear you properly on a call there are still some things to try.

Apps to the rescue

The last line of defence against the poor microphone volume is an app. Not all the apps for microphone work with all the versions of android or even the hardware platform they run on. One volume booster app may work for one setup, but not for others. Several apps may work for you or none may work. The advice is to try each app until you find one that works. If you don’t find one, then there isn’t one for your system. Next time read the reviews pertaining to microphone volume and call quality features. Also leave reviews for poor preforming hardware, particularly for things like microphone volume for calls and other android headunit failures to perform.

Apps Away

To get you started on the microphone volume booster apps, try a few of these from the play store. Not play store? You will need to source the apk of the file and side load it.

Try Hear Boost: Boost Microphone Volume & Recording app from playstore. Its has a good 4.2 star review and over 500k downloads.

If Hear Boost won’t adjust the microphone volume on your android head unit, try some of the others available on playstore.


Please don’t leave bad or poor reviews for apps that don’t work with your android headunit. This incompatibility is going to do down to your android headunit, its poor hardware configuration and the hacked about android software running on it.

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